Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Goals Keep Me Sane

Last week I checked in with how I'm doing on my summer goals.  I didn't plan on checking in with my 28 by 28 again until my birthday (67 more days!) & I didn't plan on doing another 101 in 1001 check in until December when I hit my 1.5 year mark (I just did a post checking in at the end of June.)  However, my life feels so cluttered right now.  I've been back in TX for a week now, I moved into my new place this past weekend, & started training at a new job yesterday.  Because of all of the chaos I need to do a check in now if only so I can see where I'm at with my goals & get myself back into a routine that will help me accomplish them.  (And also because unpacking is completely overwhelming me so I'm procrastinating)

28 by 28
As I mentioned above I have 67 more days until my 28th birthday.  That means I have just over 2 months to finish what remains on my list.  Lets' start with the positive.

I have 8 goals completed: get into grad school, have a student loan paid off, attend 9 concerts, try 24 new bars/restaurants, don't use credit card for 1 month, spend NYE w/someone special, go to a MLB/NHL/NFL game, & attend Houston/San Antonio/Fort Worth rodeos.

I have 10 goals in progress: cut credit card debt in half, read 15 books, reach goal weight, have $1000 in savings, stick to the 1/48/5 rule, get CHL, learn to play a song on the guitar, no traffic ticket, complete 3 30 day challenges, & learn Spanish.

I have no progress on 9 goals: be in a real relationship, visit a new state, run a 5k, get another tattoo, have tarot read, donate blood, meet a blogger, go horseback riding, & finish 1000 piece puzzle.

That means I've also already failed 1 goal: get CDL

101 in 1001
I still have a little over a year & a half left so I technically still have plenty of time left to complete these, however I also don't want my procrastinating tendencies to get in the way.

1. Begin 101 in 1001 (Completed 6/27/2015)
2. Have student loans @ 60k or less (in progress - post here)
3. Fall in love
4. Workout weekly ( 5 weeks in)
5. Project 365 2015 (Failed by August 2015)
6. Project 365 2016 (Failed by February 2016)
7. Project 365 2017
8. 50 Book Challenge 2015 (Failed - 10 books)
9. 50 Book Challenge 2016 (I'm going to fail...I'm at 2)
10. 50 Book Challenge 2017
11. Volunteer/donate monthly (Failed 5 months in)
12. Drink 1/2 gallon of water daily (Failed)
13. Spend NYE w/someone special every year (in progress)
14. Donate $1 for every failed goal
15. 30 day fitness challenge
16. Go to a psychic
17. Save change for 1001 days (in progress)
18. Go zombie paintballing
19. Go to Harry Potter World
20. 52 week money challenge (I'm starting on my 28th birthday)
21. Try 101 new bars/restaurants (in progress - I'm at 82)
22. Donate to Locks of Love
23. Pay off my car (in progress)
24. Run 3 new races
25. Visit Niagara Falls
26. Get motorcycle license
27. Go kayaking
28. Track spending for a month
29. Host a cocktail party
30. Attend Daytona 500
31. Visit 3 museums
32. Road Trip (complete - 7/20/2015)
33. Attend MLB All Star game
34. Choose an actor & watch all of their movies
35. Create a recipe book from pinterest (Fail - I just don't want to)
36. Send monthly hand written letters (Failed month 5)
37. Attend Trivia night
38. Visit a new country
39. Make homemade bread (Complete 6/27/2016)
40. Watch all of the Best Picture movies 2005-2015
41. Go to Disney
42. Donate blood 6 times
43. Visit Maker's Mark Distillery
44. Save $500 (in progress)
45. Attend Cheyenne Frontier Days
46. Renew passport (Complete 12/29/2015)
47. Visit West Coast
48. Travel to Europe
49. Host a themed dinner party
50. Go to an outdoor movie (Complete 7/27/2016)
51. Go ziplining
52. Keep 6 word a day journal for 6 months (Fail - I just don't want to)
53. Write a letter to open on day 1001 (Complete 6/29/2015)
54. Buy a house
55. Attend Austin City Limits
56. Go to Talladega
57. Visit Stone Mountain, GA
58. Attend a food festival
59. Photograph the same spot each season
60. Make a pie on Pi Day
61. Bake something new each month (Failed month 3)
62. Visit 3 new MLB ballparks (in progress - 1)
63. Attend 6 MLB games (in progress - 1)
64. Brazilian wax
65. Get lasik
66. Run a 1/2 marathon
67. Sing karaoke
68. Visit Twitter people (Complete 10/23/15 Kip Moore Chicago)
69. Pay off credit cards (in progress - I haven't used it since 6/4/2016)
70. Go a year without a car payment
71. Watch 2 movies in a theater in 1 day
72. Make a year in pictures album
73. Don't watch TV for a week (Complete)
74. Write a song (Complete)
75. Attend a Civil War reenactment
76. Visit an old teacher
77. Listen to a new artist each month (Failed month 9)
78. Make an A-Z playlist (Fail - I just don't want to)
79. Learn to do a backflip (Fail - it's not gonna happen...)
80. Host a NYE party
81. Watch the sunrise on NYD
82. Make a list of what I want in love (Complete 7/18/2015)
83. Visit the Grand Canyon
84. Build a snowman
85. Hike Appalachian Trail
86. Send Christmas cards every year (in progress)
87. Dance in the rain (Complete Wefest 2015)
88. 30 miles in 30 days (Complete 7/26/2015)
89. Document music taste over a year (Fail - I quit I don't know how I thought I'd do that)
90. Visit Nashville
91. Take a selfie on the first of every month (Fail month 6)
92. Go a month without buying anything unnecessary
93. Travel to 10 new cities (Failed - mostly I quit because I couldn't decide what counted)
94. Canoe
95. Finish 1000 piece puzzle
96. Visit Grand Portage State Park
97. Hike the Ice Age Scenic Trail
98. Go back to school (Complete 7/14/2016)
99. Watch all of my Netflix playlist
100. Go on a date once a month (Failed month 8)
101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list (in progress)

Complete 13
In Progress 12
Failed 18
Not Started 58


  1. i like to have goals as well, especially when life is chaotic. that being said, when i made my 30 before 30 or whatever, i was a different person and i think it's okay to let go of certain goals that don't match up with who you have grown to be, you know? so if you haven't made progress on some and don't really want to, don't hold yourself to them, you know?

  2. GOALS KEEP ME SANE yes girl. Not sure if you mentioned, but are you teaching again or did you get another job?

  3. I think that being able to cross things off the list when life is hectic is the best!! Way to go! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston