Tuesday, June 28, 2016

101 in 1001 - 1 Year In

Before I get into the progress, or lack thereof, that I'm making on my 3rd 101 in 1001, I'm linking up with Meg & Macy for the Stepping Into Summer swap that they put together.  I was paired up with Kim.  The pair of sandals & polish that she sent me were absolutely perfect.  Not only is Independence Day right around the corner, but my love of America is no secret.  As soon as I opened what she sent me I knew right away that I would be pairing both of them with the American flag dress I purchased about a month ago.  Thanks again Kim!  I love them!


Yesterday I hit the 1 year mark on my 3rd 101 in 1001 challenge.  I was reminded yesterday on Steph's post about her 2nd 101 that in order to be on track, I should have about 3 completed each month...which means I should have 36 things done.  I do not.  Even if you add my completed & failed together I'm not there yet.  Here's where I am at...

Completed (11)
1. Begin 101 in 1001
32. Road Trip
39. Make homemade bread
46. Renew passport
53. Write a letter to open on day 1001
68. Visit K
73. Don't watch TV for a week
74. Write a song
82. Make a list of what I want in love
87. Dance in the rain
88. 30 miles in 30 days

In Progress (13)
2. Have student loans at less than 60k (I'll have a post about this in a few weeks)
13. Kiss someone every NYE (I didn't actually have a kiss at midnight but I fell asleep before midnight...I spent NYE with Mr. Midwest though so good enough)
17. Save change for 1001 days
21. Try 101 new bars/restaurants
23. Pay off my car
44. Save $500
62. Visit 3 new MLB ballparks
63. Attend 6 MLB games
69. Pay off credit cards
86. Send Christmas cards every year
92. Go a month w/o using credit card
99. Watch all of Netflix playlist
101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list

Failed/I Quit (19)
3. Fall in love
4. Workout weekly
5. Project 365 2015
6. Project 365 2016
8. 50 Book Challenge 2015
9. 50 Book Challenge 2016
11. Volunteer monthly
12. Drink 1/2 gallon of water daily
35. Create a recipe book from Pinterest
36. Send monthlyhand written letters
52. Keep 6 word a day journal - 6 months (Technically I could still do it, like 3 times over, but I don' want to)
61. Bake something new each month
77. Listen to a new artist monthly
78. Make AZ playlist
79. Learn to do a back flip
89. Document music taste over a year
91. Take a selfie on the 1st of every month
93. Travel to 10 new cities
100. Go on a date once a month

Not Yet Started (58)
7. Project 365 2017
10. 50 Book Challenge 2017
14. Donate $1 for every failed goal
15. 30 day fitness challenge
16. Go to a psychic
18. Go zombie paintballing
19. Go to Harry Potter World
20. 52 week money challenge
22. Donate to Locks of Love
24. Run 3 new races
25. Visit Niagara Falls
26. Get motorcycle license
27. Go kayaking
28. Track spending for a month
29. Host a cocktail party
30. Attend Daytona 500
31. Visit 3 museums
33. Attend MLB All Star Game
34. Choose an actor & watch all of their movies
37. Attend trivia night
38. Visit a new country
40. Watch all Best Picture movies 2005-2015
41. Go to Disney
42. Donate blood 6 times
43. Makers Mark Distillery
45. Cheyenne Frontier Days
47. Visit west coast
48. Travel to Europe
49. Host a themed dinner party
50. Go to an outdoor movie
51. Go ziplining
54. Buy a house
55. Attend Austin City Limits
56. Go to Talladega
57. Visit Stone Mountain - GA
58. Food festival
59. Photograph same spot each season
60. Make a pie on Pi Day
64. Brazilian wax
65. Get lasik
66. Run a 1/2 marathon
67. Sing karaoke
70. Go a year w/o car payment
71. Watch 2 movies in a theater in a day
72. Make a year in pictures album
75. Attend Rev. War reenactment
76. Visit an old teacher
80. Host a NYE party
81. Watch the sunrise on NYD
83. Visit Grand Canyon
84. Build a snowman
85. Hike Appalachian Trail
90. Visit Nashville
94. Canoe
95. Finish 1000 piece puzzle
96. Visit Grand Portage State Park
97. Hike Ice Age Scenic Trail
98. Go back to school

Over half of my goals that haven't even been started, & then when you add in the ones I have started but not finished, it's most of my list.  Because of this.  I need to look at this more often.  So, starting next month, I'm going to break them down into goals to be worked on/completed within 3 month periods (Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, etc.)  I also need to look at some of the not yet started & decide if I even really care to do it anymore.


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  2. I love those sandals!! It's so awesome that they match your blog perfectly :) If you are every looking for a 101 in 1001 link-up, I host them every three months, and the next check-in is in August (http://totravelandbeyond.com/tag/101-in-1001/) It's amazing how much debt you are in process to pay off!

  3. Those sandals are awesome and perfect for the 4th!!

  4. I went and changed 3 of my goals, I think it is. I just didn't want to do those any more, so I put in 3 new ones! My list, I do what I want :)
    You've made progress and I think that's what matters. Especially on the big ones like debt and savings, that is very cool!

  5. I say that you have made some pretty good progress on your goals! Plus there are some that are in flux right now and plenty more fun to be had!

  6. I think it's great that you even have 11 done for your 101!! I'm usually good at seasonal bucket lists, but I want to create a longer timeline for a goal list like this :) Thanks so much for participating in the swap, too. I love the sandals you received.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. I think you have done great so far on your goals. I don't even have a goal list but I totally should. You've made progress and that is what matters the most.