Thursday, August 18, 2016

There Can Be Only One

Biana did this fun little quiz where you can only choose one & I knew right away that I wanted to play along.

Wear one outfit:
Racerback tank top, jeans, & boots.  All day every day baby.

Have one style icon:
Miranda Lambert

Shop at one store:

Carry one handbag:
I have a pretty basic brown cross body purse.  I'm not a huge purse fan.  When I can I just carry my wallet or ID & money.

Use one skin product:
Say Yes To Cucumber facial towelettes

Wear one scent:
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Kiss

Indulge in one spa treatment:
Mani-Pedi.  And if that counts as two...then pedicure.

Apply one lipstick color:
Wet n Wild 'Spiked with Rum'

Order one drink:
Jack & Dr. Pepper

Pick one flower:

Apply one mascara:
Maybelline Falsies Volume Express

Do one workout:
Ugh...I wouldn't

Read one author:
Nicolas Sparks I guess...but only because I've read him more than any other author.  He didn't write any of my favorite books.

Live by one quote:

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