Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today In July I...

I got this idea from Pinky, who got the idea from Rebecca.  You basically relive your month as if it was all just one day.  I thought it seemed like a really fun way to recap what I've been up to so now I'm going to try it out as well.

Today I...

**Had drinks with my mama & her co-workers**

**Had girl dates with friends from high school, college, & of course Kickass Cousin**

**Celebrated Independence Day in Minnesota with a Texas themed menu**

**Went to Taste of Minnesota where I saw Maiden Dixie, Chris Hawkey, & Jon Pardi**

**Saw Adam Wayne, Greg Michaels, & Josh Abbott Band in concert**

**Had the world's worst headache & slept for 12 hours**

**Saw Eric Paslay & Jenn Bostic in concert**

**Gave up on my 6 week workout schedule because I got bored**

**Finished 3 books**

**Tried 5 new restaurants/bars**

**Worked at my mom's office**

**Enjoyed Shark Week**

**Reclaimed my closet as my closet & not an extra pantry**

**Had my contract with my former school district officially end**

**Booked a flight back to MN for First College Roommate's baby shower**

**Bought tickets to my first Vikings game in years**

**Began talks of a girls' trip to Nashville in November**

**Threw a dart at a map & went**

**Ate way too much fair food**

**Celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday**

**Got to feel my friend's baby kick & it made me all gushy**

**Changed the name of my blog**


  1. What a great post idea! A month with good food is always a good month.

  2. 3 books in a month is impressive! And this baby kicking thing is out of control here--the other day, someone saw my stomach moving across the room. I think it freaked him out.

  3. Taste of Minnesota, eh? Did they have lutefisk?

  4. I read that as "felt my baby kick" and my brain practically screeched to a halt while I was scanning and rescanning for possibilities to explain what was happening.. FRIEND'S .... missed that keyword. Jebus.

  5. Sounds like a good month. You had a pantry instead f a closet? Where did you put your clothes?

  6. Drinks with you mama yes!!! Also yay for fair food!

  7. Oh my goodness, first NFL game?!?
    I am so excited for you!!