Thursday, July 30, 2015

National Paper Back Book Day

Today is National Paper Back Book Day.

It's also pretty much the only type of book I buy.

I'm too cheap for hardcover.

I'm too old school for a Nook.

The other day I talked about some of my favorite books that I've already read.

Here are some books that are on my "To Read" list:

**Just One Year**

**Just One Night**

**Leaving Amarillo**

**Missing Dixie**
--It's not out until October but it's in the same series as Leaving Amarillo & Loving Dallas (which I already read)

**Luckiest Girl Alive**

**Fault In Our Stars**

**Me Before You**

**Yes Please**

**Food: A Love Story**

**Uganda Be Kidding Me**

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!


  1. What?! I did not know this and I should be celebrating!! Totally adding that Neon Dreams series to my TBR right now! The Gayle Forman books are on my list, lol. Have you ever read anything by Abbi Glines? I loved her Too Far series, it was one of the first series I was obsessed with!

  2. Yeah for National Paperback day! Luckiest Girl Alive is on my list to read, I hear mixed reviews about it though. Hope it's good.