Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

2013 is officially here!  Now what?  As I've mentioned multiple times 2012 was an amazing year for me, I can only hope that 2013 is just as wonderful.  While I can only imagine what my year is going to be like, there are a few things I know I'm going to do, & a few that I hope I accomplish.

1. I turn 25 in October.  I have until October 23 to complete my 25 by 25. (Do an illegal drug, live in another country, travel on the cheap, confront a fear, splurge on an awesome pair of jeans, try a food I can't pronounce, go all out at a college football game, see a broadway show, go 24 hours media free, skinny dip, give back to the community, take your parents out for a nice dinner, go to a pride parade, & learn to drive a manual...I better get my shit together)

2. 101 in 1001 that need to be finished this year... (Project 365, 50 Book Challenge, Write in a diary everyday, Go all out for my 25th birthday, & learn to drive a stick shift...see #1)

3. ...& the 101 in 1001 I hope are finished this year. (Pay for someone behind me in a drive through, visit 5 more states, participate in Warrior Dash, sleep in the bed of a truck under the stars, finish a coloring book, watch a sunrise & sunset in the same day, run a 5K, leave a note in a book, go 1 month without fast food, finish 2 more Pinterest projects, participate in Color Run, give 100% tip, tie a note to a balloon & let go, learn 5 songs on the guitar, go geocaching, do a scavenger hunt, go skinny dipping, stay off Facebook for a week, have my name carved in a tree, cook a random recipe, don't swear for a week. ... too ambitious?)

4. Complete 28 random acts of kindness (I got the idea from here.)

5. Successfully complete the smokin summer bod challenge (no chips/candy in January, no midnight snacking in February, no juice or pop/soda in March, no red meat in April, no sweets in May, no going over calories in June...you can read more here.)

6. January (I want at least 75% of my students to pass their district finals & start 2nd semester off better than I started the 1st one.)

7. February (I'm hoping to go back to Mardi Gras)

8. March (Possibly going to South Padre for spring break, see Luke Bryan & George Strait at the Houston rodeo, Warrior Dash, & decide if I'm going to apply to new districts or not)

9. April (I would love to go to the opening day game again.  Astros v. Rangers)

10. May (Have my licensing & ESL tests passed)

11. June (I finish my first year of teaching, I want at least 90% of my kids to pass their district finals, I want to take a road trip home through the south again)

12. July (Possibly going to San Diego, possibly doing the Color Run, move into a new place, & the county fair.)

13. August (WeFest & move back to Texas)

14. September (As of now there are no plans in the works)

15. October (As of now there are no plans in the works)

16. November (I'd like to get a deer while deer hunting.)

17. December (As of now there are no plans in the works.)

18. Other (At some point I'd kind of like to find a boyfriend...maybe fall in love...)

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  1. LOVE your plans for next year!! And I"m so excited that you're doing the 28 acts of kindness. You'll love it!