Monday, December 31, 2012

December Photo Checklist

Hockey games

Snowball fights
-At sub-zero temperatures the only real time spent outside was walking from house to car to destination.

Canned-food drives
-At the school I work at students did a toy & clothing drive but I didn't notice any canned-food drives anywhere.

Community service
-I did no community service nor did I see any.  Thanks to Tiffany over at Figuring Out The Plot I'm about to embark on a 28 random acts of kindness though.

Friends sharing a laugh

Menorah being lit
-The thing is...I don't know anyone who is Jewish

New Year’s Eve parties

Family gathered around the fireplace

Slippered feet lined up in a row or in a circle
-My mom wears slippers & that's it.

Gifts being wrapped

Holiday shopping
-I was too focused on trying to figure out what people wanted to remember to take a picture while shopping. 

Cookie plate placed out for Santa

Children writing letters to Santa
-I only know 2 small children & I didn't see them until Christmas Day so...

Loved ones visiting

Santa at the mall
-I did 0 of my Christmas shopping at the mall & Santa doesn't hang out at Walmart/Target/Online...

Home decor
-The only decorations at my parents' this year was the tree & the stockings...

Nativity scenes

-I've never actually seen a caroler once in my 24 years...

Trimmed trees

Mantle with your hung stockings

Outdoor decor
-That also means no lights were put about Christmas spirit.

The holiday table

Shopping bags filled from mall outings

...Talk about a fail on my part...

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