Saturday, December 22, 2012

That Moment When...

I really thought that I had posted about the cop that I had been talking to this past summer but apparently I didn't.  So, before I go into my new story I need to go into the back story.  If I have posted about the back story & just can't find it, please just bare with me.

I first moved home from college in the summer of 2011.  I started working at a gas station that May as soon as school let out.  The gas station that I worked at has ALWAYS been where the cops hung out.  Even back when we were in high school it was a long standing joke that at any given moment there would be a cop or 2 there.  It has gotten better since there is a new sheriff & he does not approve of them spending so much time just hanging around but they are definitely still there.

There were a couple of cops that I thought were super cute.  Because I wasn't full time & they work a rotating schedule I wouldn't always know when/if I would see them.  One of them started talking to me when he would come in but it wasn't often.  I think that was partly because he's one of the cops that didn't spend as much time hanging around the gas station & we just happened to work such opposite schedules.  I stopped seeing him for a long time & eventually moved down to Texas from January-April.

Fast forward to May 2011.  When I came back home I got a job at the gas station again for the summer, or until I found a "grown-up" job...which was luckily right away.  I saw the one cute cop that I never really talked to a lot, because he's one of the cops that's ALWAYS there.  I didn't see the other one like ever though.  (Side note I hate myself a little for saying like...)  One night though I was working & he came in.  He caught me a little by surprise because I didn't see him come in and suddenly he was talking to me.  From then on he started coming in every time we were both working & we would talk.  One day, after going back & forth, I added him on Facebook.  I figured what's the worst he can do?  Not accept it?  Big deal.  He did accept it by the way.  When he would come in we would talk about how much it sucked that while everyone else worked normal M-F shifts we did not so sometimes we were really bored when we didn't have to work & everyone else did.  I was hoping he would get the hint & ask me to do something but he didn't.  SO, I sent him a message with my number & said if you're ever bored text me.

Fast forward just a little more to July.  We text off & on.  Right away he suggested that we hang out & that he would try to plan a bonfire so we could hang out on a Sunday.  We didn't talk after that until I text him the day before to see if we were still on.  He apologized & said he was sorry but his grandma wasn't doing well  While completely disappointed (and almost disbelieving) I told him I understood & left it at that.  A few days later I asked how she was doing & he said she had passed away.  Our county fair was coming up & I invited him to Motocross with my friends & I.  He said we'd meet up later at the beer gardens with his friends too.  It's almost 10 & we're all getting ready to leave & he's not there.  So I text him & told him were leaving.  He apologized & said something about he'd been having a rough time lately.  I told him I understood he went on about how I was so nice & how much it sucked that I was going to be moving so far away.  We text a couple more times back & forth.  At this point I was about ready to head off to WeFest & then to Texas so in a last ditch effort I invited him to go play laser tag...we did not.  We also stopped talking, with the exception of me going off on how I wasn't the type of girl who was going to wait around & play some stupid game.  I saw him once more while working, well sort of.  I saw him pull up in his cop car & I went & hid in the bathroom until he was gone.

Fast forward another 5 months to yesterday...we're still facebook friends by the way.  I kept him as a friend when I left mostly as a "look at what you missed out on because I'm awesome & rare."  We don't talk on facebook though, or even comment or like each other's stuff.  Anyway, I'm in a town 20-30 minutes away from the town I live in at a liquor store.  I'm trying to find some wine for a friend's Christmas present when all of a sudden I hear "hey you!"  I whip around & probably had a shocked look on my face.  I say "hey! how have you been?"  While fighting the urge to turn red we talked for a minute or 2 about nothing of importance at all before he left & I continued to find the wine.

I always wondered what it would be like if I ever bumped into him again.  I didn't see him at all when I was home for Thanksgiving & then bam in one of the last places I would have expected there he was.  It was slightly awkward but not near as bad or anything at all like I had imagined it would be like.... BOYS!

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