Friday, October 26, 2018

My First Week As A 30 Year Old

It's finally Friday!  Actually this week really wasn't that bad overall.  I'll never turn down a weekend though!  Linking up with Amanda for my first week as a 30 year old!

While I had originally planned on starting my 21 Day Fix on Tuesday since I didn't return from Arkansas until later in the afternoon on Sunday, I had everything I needed so I decided to just go for it on Monday.

Nothing makes you aware of just how out of shape you actually are than by feeling like you're going to die during just 30 minutes of cardio...  but I survived & I felt great afterwards!

On Tuesday I turned 30!  Had I not taken last Friday off to head to a cabin in Arkansas with some friends I definitely would have taken my birthday off.  A friend & I were going to go get Mexican for supper to celebrate but since they were short staffed she had no one to cover for her long enough to go out to eat.  It was then that I had a moral dilemma.  Did I go home & eat the healthy food I had in the fridge, or still go out because BIRTHDAY!  I went out.  To make up for it though I got in some extra active minutes by taking Nash for a walk.  He also came to dinner with me.  I went to Lucy's Lot to get some amazing jalapeno popper type things & a drink.  I really didn't stray too far from what I could/couldn't have.

Now that I am 30, I had previously considered continuing on with the goals like my 30 by 30 but ultimately decided to just stick with my 101 in 1001 & seasonal goals rather than spreading myself too thin.

And a quick shift in gears!

Have I mentioned how frustrated I'm becoming with the education system?  Between a parent still basically trying to put the blame on me for everything despite having a meeting & them actually seeing evidence that their child isn't doing what they are telling them they are, & then hearing back from my college advisor that the lack of accountability on students & grades meaning less & less (aka kids just getting passed along) has been becoming a nationwide trend more & more over the last 10 years, it's just so hard to find joy or purpose in what I have wanted to do since the 1st grade...

On the bright side though there are only 15 days left of school before it's Thanksgiving break!  I mentioned it yesterday, but I'm starting a free accountability group on Facebook if anyone would like to join!  It's going to run from Oct 29 until right before Thanksgiving & the whole purpose is to motivate each other, share workout tips, & healthy recipes to be proactive for the upcoming holiday season.  Even though I recently started doing Beachbody & will be continuing the 21 Day Fix, not everyone that is in the group is doing that.  Some are doing keto, some are doing Whole30, & others are just trying to eat healthier & get in more exercise.  If this sounds like something you'd be interested in let me know & I can send you the group link.  There are currently 7 of us that will be participating!

I participated in a Mug Love Exchange hosted by Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me.  Not only did Stephanie host it, but she wound up being my person as well!  I am so obsessed with the towels!  And how cute is that mug & the notepad??  I am definitely bringing the pumpkin bread/muffin mix back to MN with me so that I have others around to help me eat it!

Before I get to the funnies, here is a picture of Nash, because Nash.

I had actually planned to do a day in the life post on Thursday & this was the first picture I took on Wednesday.  But then by 11 am I had forgotten all about it & didn't think of it again until I was listening to something on my way home from work & they mentioned something about a day in the life.  Oh well!

And now onto the funnies to send you into the weekend with a smile!


  1. Congrats on the cardio!!! I turned 50 and have the same feelings as you...the older you get, the younger you feel!!!! I love the last true!!! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Thank you! As someone who rarely ever worked out, it's definitely made me realize just how out of shape I am lol but I'm getting it done now!

  2. Happy birthday, again!

    Listen... my mom was a teacher for 37 years. I swear, it killed her, and the way she talked about it sounded a lot like you talking about it. Now might be a good time to look at other careers...

  3. Great funnies and a great first week of being 30! I told you, it’s going to be an awesome decade!

  4. Those memes are 100 as always. Good for you for being proactive about diet and exercise! I'm 32 now and that still hasn't kicked in haha whoops. I hear ya on the cardio--when I started ice skating again, my legs were done after ~20 minutes. And that's with just trying to keep myself upright and moving, haha!

  5. The memes. OH THE MEMES. (Yes to the DOE... sucks. The whole thing just SUCKS.) I have to admit, most of the people who don't want to be accountable here are the adults... but I recognize that I'm in a very different space. lol but not lol.

  6. That deer meme cracked me up, had to share it with everyone! Your week 1 21 day fix pic was AMAZING! Keep it up!