Thursday, October 25, 2018

Toning For The Turkey

Thanksgiving 🦃, the best holiday with the exception of Independence Day 🇺🇸, is 4 weeks from today! It's the best because food 🍽! I recently started the 21 Day Fix with a friend & have had other friends start Keto as well as Whole30. I thought it would be fun and helpful to start an accountability group where we can share healthy meals, workouts, and motivate each other.
If you would be interested in joining the group, whether you want to do one of the above mentioned plans or your own version of working out and eating better, let me know by this weekend so I can add you to the group. We will start on Monday 29 & go up until right before Thanksgiving.

If you think you might be interested but have some more questions let me know!  The group will be a closed group on Facebook that I will invite you to if you decide it is something you are interested in.  There is 0 obligation to buy anything & you can post as much or as little as you would like.  I just know in my own experience, I'm much more likely to stick with something if others are holding me accountable & checking in with me!

Annnd an unrelated Throwback Thursday picture from my 21st birthday because #ThrowbackThursday & I turned 30 on Tuesday....

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  1. Can you add me?? I'm thinking about trying to go keto/whole 30 this month!