Monday, October 29, 2018

The Last One In October

I feel like my birthday month flew by unfairly fast considering September lasted a lifetime...  Oh well!  Here we are again, another Monday.  I will say that one upside to October ending is that Thanksgiving break is that much closer...  Linking up with Biana!

With the exception of Saturday night, my weekend was mostly uneventful so this is going to be pretty short & sweet.

Friday night consisted of a bath & some Iliza - Elder Millennial on Netflix followed by a antihistamine & bedtime.

Saturday morning I woke up, baked the sausage & egg casserole I had put together Friday night before going to bed, did my 21 Day Fix workout, did my nails, & then just hung around with Nash all day.  I restarted watching Godless on Netflix since I was only 3 or 4 episodes in & hadn't really been paying attention the first time around.

Side notes:

**Saturday's 21 Day Fix workout was my favorite.  It was the Dirty Thirty.**

**The color on my nails is French Riviera**

About 6 I finally started getting ready for a Halloween party.  Because I was feeling super lazy & cheap when it came to Halloween, which is actually how I've been about it for a few years now, I bought a pair of cat ears from Target & called it good.

So what I was actually going for was Karen from Mean Girls ala "I'm a mouse, duh!"  However, apparently neither Walmart or Target believe in mouse ears...just cat ears.  So I guess I just wound up being a cat...  But hey, a $3 costume is a win!

The party was a lot of fun & was decorated perfectly.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of the other food & decor but I pretty much had my phone put away the entire time.  Of course I made friends with the dog, who I wanted to steal.  Him & Nash would have been best friends!  They are both super sweet & are Corgi mixes.  Alas, I was not allowed.

I also won ex-girlfriend of the year when I met a girl at the party who I thought would be perfect for the clingy ex I recently broke up with & after getting the green light from both, gave her his number & then text him letting him know she'd be contacting him soon.

I didn't get to bed until like 2 am & then only slept until just before 8, after first waking up at about 5...  I lounged around for quite awhile before finally eating some breakfast & doing my workout.  Thankfully the workout of the day was yoga because I was not at an energy level where anything intense would have gone well.  The rest of the day was pretty much spent on the couch.  I watched a little more of Godless & a couple of movies on Netflix.  I took a nap & holy goodness it was glorious!!  I watched most of the Vikings game but decided to go to bed before it was over since they were getting their asses handed to them.  At least the Packers lost too...

I am hoping this week flies by.  Mostly because I really just want it to be time for me to go back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving & because I'm just over my job.  I'm bored & frustrated with it so I don't ever really care to go.  I don't always hate it, I just never really want to be there...


  1. Cutest Cat ever!! That egg casserole looks so god. Wow you are a good ex! Happy Monday babe!

  2. I desperately needed a nap this weekend. And yes, I feel ya with your job so much

  3. I agree, October FLEW by. I hope it was a great birthday month for you. I agree with Andrea, you are a great ex!!!! That casserole looks amazing, btw.

  4. Your Sunday sounds awesome. Those kinds of days are so needed. Hilarious you gave that woman your ex's contact info haha! But good for you--that's actually really nice. And I hope your work situation gets better. I just got a new job after applying for new ones and being miserable at my old one for a year, so I know how stressful it can be when you're not happy at work.

  5. Your casserole sounds amazing! I'm really excited for Thanksgiving! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston