Friday, August 10, 2018

Mini Work Week 3

This was my last "mini week."  Monday I was at a professional development from 8:30-4 and went back to work yesterday for staff development.  Starting Monday it's full blown back at it, well at least as far as being at work from 8:30-4:30 is concerned.  I won't have children until the 20th.  I suppose then it'll REALLY be full blown!  Linking up with Amanda.

From the blog
Monday: I recapped the first weekend in August, AKA my last weekend before the school year starts again.

Wednesday: For Happiness Happens Day I shared 26 things that make me happy.

Thursday: I recommended products that other bloggers recommended & I then too fell in love with.

From the phone

What I was up to
Monday: I had a 7.5 hour training on "Restorative Practices."  Overall I actually didn't mind the training.  It was a really laid back format.  However, the chairs were super uncomfortable & like always, it was teaching practices that should be common sense.  Or maybe I find them to be common sense because of where I started teaching as opposed to where I work now.  Oh well.  After Thursday all of my hours for the year will be done which means no extra time spent doing training during the school year & I got to see my friends Ally & Lauren.  That evening I made sure to get a long, hot walk in around the park by where I live so that I could complete all of my Fitbit goals.

Tuesday: I started watching Shooter.  Dexter was recommended to me, as it has been dozens of times.  I actually went to start that because I thought it was on my watch list.  It wasn't there but Shooter was at the top & only had 2 seasons.  That's essentially all I did.  I went for a morning walk and an evening walk so that I could hit my Fitbit goals.

Wednesday: I went for a walk in the morning before I was supposed to donate blood.  I didn't make it to the donation appointment.  I should have inspected the location a lot better before picking it.  I would have had to deal with a ton of construction & paid the airport entrance toll fee to get there.  So instead I bought Nash a new bone & went home.  I finished up Shooter & started season 8 of Shameless.  I tried to take Nash on an afternoon walk but he gave up pretty quickly so I returned him home & then went on my second walk of the day before returning to Shameless.

Thursday: Back to work for real.  Staff development officially began.  Our high school is *still* under construction, and has been since last summer, and whatever they're doing right now means we had to meet elsewhere because there wasn't a space for the entire staff to fit in the building.  Luckily we also got out almost 2 hours earlier than scheduled!

Random thoughts & things
-If I didn't already think I had anxiety already, this article pretty much confirmed it.

-I'm thinking about moving back to the Houston area

-In just under 11 weeks I will turn 30.  One of my 30 by 30 goals was to reach my goal weight.  I weighed myself on Monday, 11 weeks to lose 15 lbs.  It's definitely not impossible, but that means until then I need to do my best to reach my Fitbit goals each day.



  1. As a person with a lead foot, I love that last quote! Happy weekend, get ready for full swing! xo

  2. Good luck getting back into the swing of things!

  3. Oh, Dexter is SO great! Also, if you do decide to move back to Houston, hit a gal up!

  4. Enjoy this weekend esp as work starts back up next week. PS that texas quote may as well be for where I live. We drive FAST here

  5. Work damn near killed me last week. I haven't gotten out of bed except to celebrate my mom's birthday with dinner last night. I don't expect anything to change for the next 15 hours. lol

  6. hahaha That is definitely me scaring myself with the blaring car radio. "I'm not the same person I was last night" too real.