Friday, May 11, 2018

Teacher & Nurse Appreciation Week

It's here!  It's Friday!  Actually despite being a really weird week, the week really flew by.  It was teacher appreciation week which meant a lot of free food from admin & the PTA.  It was also state testing week which meant a lot of disruption from normal routine.  Because this was such a weird, fast flying week, this is going to be mostly a phone dump of a post.

To all of my fellow teachers, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.  And to all of the nurses out there, Happy Nurses Appreciation Week as well!

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On The Blog
This week on the blog I shared my entertainment preferences as well as recapped my trip with Kayla to Waco, to Lindale, & what we did around the DFW area while she came to visit me last weekend.



And that's all she wrote folks!  There are just 14 days left of school so I'm basically just trying to stay afloat.  Between making sure kids are ready for their finals, all assignments are getting turned in/grades completed, wrapping up softball, ramping up for volleyball, & somehow managing to schedule dates for the only days I do have free... I am ready for June 1 to get here!

Case in point:


  1. The weather funny, I am just dying over. That is soooo funny and something I would say. Ha. Happy Teacher's Appreciation week!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. some humorous thoughts n quotes ...
    well, enjoy the week

  3. LOL I've been racing GPS before racing GPS before it was a thing. My mom and I would calculate the number of miles, how long it should take, and try and beat our time. Hilarious.

  4. When the weather starts to get warm, I desperately wish for summer break again!