Monday, May 14, 2018

Expect The Unexpected

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  Happy belated Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there.  My weekend was nothing at all like I had imagined it would be but it still turned out to be a really good weekend.

Today is my second to last Monday of the school year!  Can I get a whoop whoop?!

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Original plan for Friday: A date in Fort Worth with a guy at 8 at Reservoir for drinks.

What actually happened on Friday: I was on my way to Fort Worth when 30 min before our date he asked if we could push it back to 8:30 because he was still at dinner with his mom.  I was slightly annoyed since I was already on my way but I said that was fine.  I still got to the bar at 8, ordered a drink, & watched some hockey.  At 8:10 he text me and said he still hadn't left because his mom was guilt tripping him because it was mother's day weekend.  I told him I was already there watching hockey in the back & to let me know when he was on his way & then ordered another drink.  At 8:30 he hadn't responded so I left.  As I was walking to my car I told him that I appreciated that he was spending time with his mom, especially on mother's day weekend, but that my time was valuable and so I was going home.  He conveniently text me a couple minutes later telling me he just got home & would love to be able to make it up to me.  I told him no.  

Things I don't need in a relationship: someone with an overbearing mother, a big time mama's boy, someone who doesn't respect my time, and/or a liar.

About the time I got home my friend Lauren messaged me & I told her I had just been stood up so we agreed to meet at Lucy's Lot for some drinks because her boyfriend & just ditched out on her last minute.  We wound up making friends at the bar & staying out until midnight.

Original plan for Saturday: Yelp! Elite brunch at Unleavened in Southlake, get an oil change, hang out with Nash, meet up with Raeann & Trey that night for Deep Ellum Social.

What actually happened on Saturday: 
I did in fact go to my very first Yelp! Elite event.  It was a brunch at Unleavened in Southlake.  The food was really good, I got the Dagwood as a hash along with a mimosa.  It was slightly awkward in that I have 0 problem doing things by myself but I felt like I was supposed to be socializing & did not because everyone was there with people they already knew sitting at little tables together.  Which turned out to be a good thing because if I had been busy socializing I wouldn't have been talking to Caleb & in turn finding out that brunch with them was the same day...

I have multiple calendars.  On all of my calendars I had written down that brunch for Caleb's grad school graduation was on Sunday.  Luckily I had sent a snapchat about being basic & brunching to Caleb while I was at Unleavened because he then asked if I was double brunching.  I then went back through my text messages to see what Helen had said about brunch & she had in fact said Saturday... luckily I was done with my food & not talking to anyone anyway because I hightailed it out of there so fast.  I then drove from Southlake to Ten Bells Tavern in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas where I drove around for 10 minutes trying to find parking.

I had just eaten so I didn't get more food but I did have a couple of mimosas as well as a "Cocktail for Buddy."  We even got to see Buddy at brunch!  The bar was trying to raise money for Buddy's cancer treatments so there was no way in hell I wasn't going to get a cocktail.  I got the Car Ride.  After brunch we walked to Wild Detectives for some coffee & to just hang out for a bit before they all went to Cidercade & I went home to take care of Nash & go out that night.

Nash & I mostly just lounged around for a couple of hours enjoying Dog Mom Day, which he gave 0 shits about, before I had to get ready & head back to Dallas.

Trey being Trey did not meet up with us until about an hour after we said we were going to meet.  So Raeann & I went to Cane Rosso for some pizza & drinks because neither of us had ever been & it was on my "places to eat in DFW" list.  It wasn't bad.  I mean it was good pizza, it's just not my favorite style.  And as far as Neapolitan pizza goes I like Dough better.  But the pizza was still good & so was the Cran-Apple Mule I got.

After pizza we walked down to Reno's to find set list times for Deep Ellum Social & get our wristbands.  We then headed to Will Call for some drinks with Helen, Steve, & Trey.  Eventually Trey had a date show up & we saw them intermittently throughout the night.  Raeann, Helen, Steve, & I went to the Green Room to eat before going back to Reno's to see Light The Fire.  Helen & Steve left during that show and Trey & his date disappeared somewhere after it so Raeann & I went down to Curtain Club to see Psychostick.  Trey & his date reappeared at some point during that show & then left again.  Just before the end of the show Raeann & I called an Uber to take us back to our cars at Fuel City so we too could go home.

Original plan for Sunday: Meet up at Ten Bells Tavern for Caleb's grad school graduation brunch in the morning & a date with a guy that night.

What actually happened on Sunday: Since the brunch had actually been Saturday I took Nash to the dog park, where another dog wound up scaring him so we left early because he stopped playing & wouldn't leave my side.  We went to Starbucks because I hadn't made coffee yet that morning & Nash got a puppy whip because #SpoiledAF.  I also went to El Paisa to get some breakfast tacos.  We then spent the entire day lounging around watching Hart of Dixie & napping.  I hadn't talked from the guy I was supposed to go on a date with since Friday, when I asked him what he'd like to do Sunday & he hadn't responded.  So at 6:30 that night when he asked me if I was still free I may have lied & told him I had made other plans because I just wasn't having it.  I told him since I hadn't heard from him & we had never made a plan, I made other plans.  Okay not a complete lie.  I had made other plans.  I made plans to run errands, hang out at home with Nash, & not put up with guys who can't communicate.

I was supposed to have a date tonight as well but I have already deleted that guy because he also just stopped talking.  I do however have a date with a guy this coming Friday, who has consistently talked to me every single day since we started talking, & potentially a date tonight or tomorrow with a different guy.  However, we shall see.  Of the 7-8 guys I was talking to, & the 6 who actually set up dates, one has really made an effort.


  1. Sounds like a lot of promising dates on the horizon!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Fingers crossed on this date!

  3. My fingers and toes are crossed for this date!!

  4. As I told you on IG, I am proud of you! Nobody has time for any of those things... I like people who make efforts.


  5. Hoping your date goes well this Friday!!

  6. Got to kiss a lot of frogs before we meet our prince... good for you not putting up with BS

  7. woohoo Schools almost out for the summer!!!

  8. Why was he home if he was supposed to be meeting you at the restaurant?! Good for you for turning him down! And the non-communicators too. Ain't nobody got time for that! Hope your other dates go well!