Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Day Weekend

Happy Monday everybody!  Confession: I don't even care that today is Monday.  Why?  All of my classes are working on a project, I actually slept for 8 hours in well over a month (I kid you not), & tomorrow is our last game of the season!

I also had a very fun and relaxing weekend.  I hope that y'all had a great weekend as well!  Linking up with the wonderful Biana!


Friday was our last away game!  One more game to go & the season is done!  I'm pretty sure you can see right under my eyes how tired I am.  I can see it, & I could feel it.  By 8 pm I was heading home to see Nash.  As soon as I got home it was into comfy clothes & pretty much straight to bed.  Last week felt like one of the longest weeks of my life!


Saturday morning I did goat yoga y'all.  GOAT.  YOGA.  First of all, I do not do yoga.  I'm not against it by any means, I just don't do it.  But the idea of goat yoga has intrigued me since I first saw it was a thing.  I mean come on, it's goats!  And I love goats!  I won a giveaway from Dallas Girl Gang & Deep Ellum Yoga on Instagram for 2 tickets for goat yoga at the Earth X 2018 happening at Fair Park.  OMG it was so much fun!  I'm still sore, good sore, from yoga & I want all the goats even more so now.  I definitely want to do it again.  As well as bunny & puppy yoga too.

I totally wanted to steal this little guy & take him home with me.

After yoga my friend & I went to Chuys for some lunch & then we each headed home.  I got home, showered, hung out with Nash for a little bit & then headed back towards Dallas to meet up with a different friend/coworker for some drinks at one of her favorite bars.  I had a lot of fun there too & got to meet some fun people.  Unfortunately, by 6 it was time for me to leave because I had a date that I clearly was not to amped up about.  I should have known people.  I should. have. known.

The place he suggested had zero parking so I suggested a place nearby.  I got there first, ordered my beer, and as I was getting my beer he showed up.  About 2 seconds after sitting down at the table I almost stood up & walked out.  I asked how his day had been & what he had done.  He responded with got high & watched anime.  Seriously y'all, I could feel myself starting to stand up.  But then I felt bad just standing up & walking out, especially in a smaller bar where I'd have to clearly just walk out in front of everyone there.  So the date lasted 3 beers.  The fact that he even suggested a second date baffles me.  But he did.  Any guesses on what he suggested?  No?  He suggested we get high and play disc golf...

I called my cousin as I was still shutting my car door & laugh/cried the whole way home to her & her husband about the absurdity of it all.  At which point I then also unintentionally loudly complained about my awful neighbor right outside his window while I was taking care of Nash.  Pretty sure he wasn't home.  Not that he would have cared anyway because we both know that we hate each other.

It was then off to bed where I questioned both my dating choices & if there were in fact any good choices left out there.

Nash & I just lounged around until just before noon when I was off to get a very well deserved pedicure.  Because I was only getting a pedicure, I went for the best one.  One hour of a chair massage, leg massage, foot massage, followed by some bright minty green toe nails.  I never wanted to leave.  Sadly I had to so I paid & then headed home to pick up Nash for an adventure.

The plan was to meet Trey at Legal Draft Beer Co for their crawfish boil.  I should have known that whatever I plan was going to be wasn't going to actually happen because it rarely does.  When we got there there wasn't really anywhere left on their patio where we could eat with the dogs.  So we sat there trying to find a new place to get crawfish that would allow dogs.  I came SO close to getting to cross "Try a new brewery" off my 101 in 1001 list.  *So close*

I found a place in Fort Worth called Acadia Parish Crawfish.  It was a really cool set up.  It shared an outdoor space with Lola's Trailer Park where they had live music playing.  So we sat halfway between the two, got food from one & drinks from the other, and had people adore our dogs while listening to music and eating.

We were both still hungry so again we were on the search for another dog friendly place in the area.  We started to check out Pouring Glory but ultimately decided against it since we had been talking about Texas Roadhouse all day.  So instead we took the dogs to ZBonz Dog Park so they could burn off their energy so we could bring them home.  After Trey brought me back to my car at Legal Draft, Nash barely made it out of the parking lot before he passed out.  I brought him home, changed my shirt since it had gotten muddy at the dog park, & headed to Texas Roadhouse.  I hadn't been there in forever.  I drive by it everyday, twice a day, on my way to & from work.  It always smells so good when I'm driving home.

Because Mr. Nash & gotten himself all muddy at the dog park he earned himself a bath.  He's slowly fighting it less and less.  I changed & laid down on the couch.  He went and put himself to bed by 7:30 though & I wasn't too far behind him.  By 8 I was in bed & by 8:15 I was out.

I'm hoping this week flies by!


  1. You're going to have to share your list of dog friendly places in Dallas with me!

  2. Oh I have just heard about goat yoga! My coworker just did it recently and loved it. However, the next one schedule was just canceled by the Board of Health. Sad face.

  3. It’s gonna be a GREAT day and week!

  4. I feel like the idea of going to bed early tonight is a good one for me. Also, tired dogs are the best dogs!

  5. I have to say baby goat yoga is on my bucket list! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. "I got high and watched anime." That is spectacular. I think I would have just burst out laughing in his face! I am single AF, but stories like that make me feel 100% ok with it hahaha. Oh, and I obviously need to tell you again that I am super pumped about your goat yoga haha.

  7. Disc golf and get high.
    Watched anime and got high.