Monday, April 16, 2018

15 Weeks Down

Here we are, halfway through April & Mother Nature can't decide which end is up.  All last week was 70-90, all this week is also supposed to be 70-90.  Of course this weekend was 40-60.  But no matter, because it was on the chilly side I was able to just hang out at home most of the weekend & relax.  Also, this is my last full week of softball.  Can I get an amen people?  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Linking up with Biana.

I already knew going in that Friday was going to be shorter for me than it normally is simply because we normally have games on Fridays but because of the storm our game had been moved to the previous day.  I had planned on leaving work around 4:30.  However 4th period one of my seniors asked to see my dog on my security camera & it was then that I noticed that home boy had tore up MORE of my carpet.  That's now 3 times in the past few months.  So I asked one of the other coaches if she cared if I left after my 6th period since she was going to be there 7th & the girls weren't doing anything anyway.  When I got home I dealt with my monster & put a blanket & my coffee table over the new spot, which was conveniently next to one of the old spots.  I ordered Nash a new, larger crate because homeboy is going back to being a crate puppy.  

Because I was finally home before the office closed for once in my life I also went to go pick up some packages I had gotten in the mail.  I finally got my dermaroller (that was delivered 3 weeks ago...), Nash got a new harness (which he hates), & I finally got the Easter candy my mom sent me. 

That night Nash put himself to bed like he always does & so I decided to try to take advantage by taking a nice bath.  That nice bath lasted all of 15 minutes because the second I started it he was up & kept wanting to see what was up & sticking his head in my face & then barking because he wanted attention.  It is moments like this where my puppy makes me glad that I don't have small children yet...


I had such big plans for Saturday.  I was going to take Nash to this dog park birthday bash & then possibly an event at a brewery.  However, when we stepped outside that morning it was windy as all get out & the real feel was in the 20s.  Sorry buddy we aren't going anywhere.  It did eventually warm up, and by warm up I mean it was 50s & windy.  So I took Nash for a stroll around the pond near my apartment rather than to the dog park.  

His BarkBox arrived, & he promptly destroyed both the pirate & the bird.  He still loves them both but the bird is pretty much flat at this point.  Also, annoyance by the delivery guy.  He knocked on the door & of course Nash lost his shit, so I'm trying to wrangle him so I get open the door without him bolting out the door, or trapping him in the bedroom so I can open the door.  Of course trying to wrangle him is like trying to grab hold of a greased pig.  The man just kept knocking & wouldn't just leave the damn package at the door.  Dude I know you can just leave it at the door, you've done so before.  You can hear my dog losing his mind & me trying to get him in the bedroom.  I finally tricked Nash into the bedroom, opened the door, just so the guy could hand me the package & say "I hear I have the right place."  Funny dude, funny.  Thanks for that unnecessary stress.  Next time just knock, set down the package, & WALK AWAY!

Despite having gone grocery shopping that day, I was about to order food to either be delivered or picked up (because I'm really bad at buying for the weekend when I shop) when Trey called to bitch about an awful date he had just been on so we went to go get crawfish at Bug Tub in Haslet.

Sunday I woke up & saw some slightly heartbreaking news on Facebook.  And by slightly heartbreaking I mean I was basically sad all day because the news (I know I know vague) stung more than I would have imagined.  That sting though caused me to make a decision on something I had been going back & forth with for a couple of days.  In fact my decision making had gone something like:

Thur: holy crap... I can't believe that position is open... I should apply... but I love my job... but that job would change my life completely... I should do it... I shouldn't do it...

Fri: Alright I'm going to talk to my head coaches & AP & just tell them I'm 95%+ sure that I'll be back next year but I'm applying for another job.  The talks did not quite go like I had planned in my head, although everyone was really supportive & wanted to know what they could do to get me to stay but also understood why I was considering applying.  Basically getting what I wanted caused me to second guess applying again.

Sat: I woke up to a memory on Facebook that made me decide not to apply because I wasn't sure if I was ready to give up being a coach or leave everyone I work with because I love all of them.  That night I was up near where the school is & I started second guessing my decision not to apply because the school is in a more rural area & those are my people.

Sun: I woke up to some heartbreak, wondered what the hell I was doing with my life besides putting any hope of a relationship/family/getting out of the city on hold, updated my resume, & hit submit.

This new job would be significantly closer to home for me.  I currently drive 1-1.5 hours to work/home in traffic, teach 3 different preps, & coach 2 different sports.  And while I love where I work, who I work with, who I work for, & being a coach.  New job would mean driving 30 min to an hour in traffic, no coaching, & I don't know how many preps but my guess would be 1 or 2.   And it's in a ruralish area. Of course I would still need to get an interview, and then an offer, for any of this to really matter but it's out there now.  So if y'all could say a little prayer that would be great.

That night Nash put himself to bed early so I tried to drown my heartache in a glass of wine & chocolate.  Going for a long drive & getting the heck out of dodge would have been better but when you're an adult with a full time job that's not always an option so ya do what ya do.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Happy Monday indeed. I'm ready for the weather to settle the F down - at least it's sunny?

  2. What crazy weather!!! Making decisions can be so difficult. Glad you applied; it's worth seeing what happens and you can always change your mind. Happy Monday, Brianne!

  3. I hope you're feeling better today, Bri! <3 I had an emotional rollercoaster weekend too, not a fan. Our weather was also super weird (80 degrees Saturday, feels like 32 degrees Sunday OK WEATHER OK). #twinning

  4. I'm glad you applied for the job, you just never know. Best of luck.

  5. Sending you well wishes on the job opening, babe- and sometimes you just need a big ol' glass of wine. ;)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. The wind makes me angry when it messes up my hair haha! I'm sooo ready for spring and summer (just not the humidity)

  7. Best of luck!! Hope it goes well!

  8. Oh no that is such a bummer about the carpet!!! Nash!!!