Friday, April 13, 2018

I'd Rather Be Lucky

It's finally Friday!  Holy Hannah has this been one hell of a week.  Between showing up to a make-up softball game for all of 10 minutes before it was officially over on Monday, doing nothing but baby-sitting kids all day Tuesday and Thursday because of testing, & having last night be a shit show of its own after I got home, I am beyond grateful that the weekend is upon us.

There are certain things in life I'm superstitious about, turning off/leaving a football/hockey/baseball game before it's over because it could in fact all change in the blink of an eye, and usually will not in your favor if you give up on it.

Things however like broken mirrors, black cats, & Friday the 13th.  Nope, I don't believe in it.

Today in fact, by all accounts should be a pretty great day.
A)It's Friday
B)every single one of my classes is just doing test review
C)We don't have practice or a game today because our game got moved to yesterday because it's supposed to be raining/storming this afternoon.

Linking up with Amanda for some Friday Favorites.

I won a drawing at work so I got a couple of gift cards to Haystack which is, in my opinion, a really good burger place nearby.

I wrote a post about this on Facebook that essentially said "I'm super judgmental when it comes to music & have listened to pretty much nothing but this album for two straight weeks now" aka this album is awesome & you should go listen to it too.  The entire thing is so good that for two weeks I tried ranking the songs from favorite to least favorite but couldn't.  "The Jacket" is my favorite though.  It reminds me of my grandpa.

Nash turned 1!  Completely unplanned he turned 1 on National Pet Day no less.  He got to celebrate with a pupcake from Three Dog Bakery.  Of course it was the one that looked like a baseball because when your mama coaches softball you have no choice... plus he really does have a real baseball that he loves to pieces.

Possibly the best thing about this week?  As of today we have only 7 days left of softball.  3 games & 4 days of practice.  I can hear freedom calling my name!

I'll send you off into your weekend with some Friday the 13th funnies.


  1. Good luck with the kiddos today. They always seem extra rowdy on Friday the 13th, lol. Awesome on winning the drawing! Is that close to your school or where you live?? I haven't heard of it!

  2. It's f-ing Friday - thank GOD. I need the sleep this weekend

  3. pupcake! haha. love it. happy 1st to Nash. i am not superstitious at all, at least i don't think i am lol

  4. Nash is sooo cute. I don't believe in Friday the 13th being bad either. Yay for winning the drawing. Have a great weekend!

  5. i didn't even realize it was friday the 13th!
    your pup is so adorable :)

  6. Freedom, sweet freedom! Woohoo, enjoy the weekend sweets!

  7. I actually really like the number 13, so I'm cool with Friday the 13th (despite being superstitious about lots of things, especially sports things too!). Monday the 13th would be WAY worse!