Monday, August 29, 2016

The Final Weekend In August

**Last week's goal: Get everything unpacked that I can & set the rest aside to put in storage**
-Basically done.  I'd show you but I have so much stuff that's going back into storage that it looks like I have nothing done.  I will be doing a house tour next month after everything goes back into storage.  I'm still deciding on a couple of kitchen items otherwise I'm done.--

**This week's goal: Finish watching The League so I can start focusing on the Fall Film Challenge**

Fall TV comes back in a few weeks & so I finally wrote out the shows I want to try to keep up with this fall & when they start.  I have a post coming tomorrow about what shows I'm looking forward to.  That evening I met up with some friends/former co-workers for happy hour at Chuy's.  It was really good to see them again & catch up.  Plus, creamy jalapeno ranch is the shit.  While we were eating we saw a ton of people standing around eating dessert so we looked around the corner & saw that Tiff's Treats was giving out free ice cream & obviously we went there next.  Tiff's Treats wound up using my picture for a collage.

Saturday I watched more of The League, The JJ Watt/Blair Walsh scene shall forever be my favorite.  I also wrote out my final list for the Fall Film challenge.  The challenge starts on Thursday & I'm excited.  I'm going to start with Serendipity.  I got my grocery shopping done for the week.  Scrambled eggs & chorizo for breakfasts, chicken & steak fajitas for lunches/suppers, larabars & celery/almond butter/raisins for snacks.

I met up with a couple of friends & we went to the Kimbell Art Museum.  None of us had ever been there before so it was fun to check out.  That afternoon I made up stuff for fajitas & then spent the rest of the night watching The League.


  1. Ahh FALL shows are coming back - super excited for this! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am so excited on your post coming up tomorrow as I'm not even sure what is all coming out. I know I do want to see Timeless. House tour next month...yay!!

    1. There's 3 new ones coming out that I'm looking forward to & then my old standbys. Have a great week!

  3. Oh I totally forgot all about fall shows coming back, thanks for the reminder. I totally need to make my list of shows as well.

  4. Oh my gosh, how much do you LOVE The League?!?! Where are you currently in the series?? Also, I cannot believe that this was the last weekend iN August - I didn't really think about it until I saw your blog post title. Just crazy! Have a good week!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven