Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fall Film Challenge 2016

Let's try this again.  Last year I had plans in participating in Jenn's Fall Film Challenge.  You know how many I watched on my list? 1.  Yeah, talk about a fail.  When I saw Stephanie post about the challenge again, & give her list, I thought "why the hell not?!"  The challenge starts a week from today, September 1, & you can read all of the rules here on Jenn's post.

I'll be choosing movies that I can find on Netflix just because it makes life easier.

Here are my picks:

one. about adolescence.
Fish Tank

two. about a character's rebirth or rite of passage
Cinderella Man

three. about a comic book character.

four. shot or set in washington, d.c.
Sharknado 3

five. set in an academic environment
Hard Lessons

six. about failure.
Take This Waltz

seven. about a man vs. god or gods.
Thor: Hammer of the Gods

eight. about a man vs. himself.
Seeking a Friend For The End of the World

nine. about an invention or an ingenuous individual.

ten. set in a jail or prison.
Let's Go To Prison

eleven. about a dog.
Hachi: A Dog's Tale

twelve. about loss.
August: Osage County

thirteen. about man vs. man.
SEAL Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden

fourteen. about man vs. nature.
A Lonely Place To Die

fifteen. one that has a monster or monstrous individual.

sixteen. shot or set in pennsylvania.
Paper Towns

seventeen. about a character's quest of some kind.
Journey To The Center of the Earth (1959)

eighteen. about a character who goes from rags to riches.

nineteen. about a man. vs. society.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

twenty. originally released in the thirties.
Young Mr. Lincoln

twenty-one. about undesirable individuals or elements.

twenty-two. about a voyage and return.

twenty-three. about wizards or witchcraft.
Nanny McPhee

twenty-four. originally released in the sixties.

twenty-five. about a yearning or obsession.
Eyes Wide Shut


  1. brianne, i'm so glad you're playing again this year. thank you, ma'am. it got you to watch a movie last year that you may not have intended to see.

    and, girl, i've yet to finish my own damned challenge. keep that shit in mind, okay?

  2. -Take that Waltz was depressing and good at the same time. I love depressing movies though, so take that with a grain of salt.
    -Thor, does it have Loki? If it doesn't have Loki it's not worth watching, lol.
    -I read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and wanted to poke my eyes out. I can imagine it would be a way better movie than book, but it's still super fucked up.
    -Serendipity, awww. This will always make me think of frozen hot chocolate because they actually serve that at the restaurant. I make it at home and it's deeeeeelichhhhious.
    -I didn't watch Seal Team 6, but I did watch Zero Dark Thirty. Those movies always get to me, despite all the errors because Hollywood.

  3. I need to finalize my list, I keep forgetting! Glad you reminded me. Good list, good luck!!

  4. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  5. nanny mcphee is one of my favourite movies, serendipity too!