Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Blair Walsh Project (Fantasy Football)

I'm not going to pretend that I know a shit ton about football.  Why?  Because I don't.  Do I like football?  Yes.  Do I watch it?  Every week.  I was a football manager in high school but even then baseball was my first love.  Then, I went off to a college where the only D1 team we had was our hockey team & hockey became my sport of choice.  Had I gone to the University of Minnesota like I had once wanted I think that might have been a different story, or at least my love of football, especially college, might have been stronger.  That's a different story for another day though.

I'm a Vikings fan through & through, except for that one little phase when I was a kid where I was a Packers fan, simply because I am from Minnesota & that's who I grew up watching.  Unlike 99.9% of Vikings fans though, perhaps because of my brief stint as a Packers fan...Starter jacket & all, I don't hate the Packers.  Of course when they go head to head I will always cheer on the Vikes.  I also don't really care to see the Packers make it to/win a Superbowl in the near future simply because I'm friends with A LOT of Packers fans & they're kind of annoying ha.

Anywaaay...despite my lack of extensive knowledge of all things (& by things I mean most players other than those belonging to the Vikings/Packers/Texans) I've played fantasy football for probably 4 years running now.  I just do it online, & definitely for free.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to do more research but then the draft rolls around & I've been so busy with everything else in life that I just haven't.  This year was no exception.  Maybe year 5 will be the year I actually do that??

So who's on my team & how are they looking?  Well as I was typing this up I got the "Who Won Your Draft" email from  I've definitely done worse I'll tell you that much.  

The headline: "After some dicey selections, The Blair Walsh Project looks to make a statement this season"
I got a grade of a C+, my projected record is 5-9, & I'm projected to finish 8th.  At least the team I play first is projected to finish last...
Not only do I have the best pair of quarterbacks in my league, I also have the best defense.

So, for those of you that actually know shit about football, feel free to critique my roster.  At the end of this, if you're still reading & still care to read on beyond the roster, I'll give you my Week 1 starting roster.

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) & Philip Rivers (San Diego)

Running Backs
Carlos Hyde (San Francisco), Chris Ivory (Jacksonville), Arian Foster (Miami), & Isaiah Crowell (Cleveland)

Wide Receivers
Julio Jones (Atlanta), Jordy Nelson (Green Bay), & Torrey Smith (San Francisco)

Tight Ends
Jordan Reed (Washington) & Jason Witten (Dallas)

Stephen Gostkowski (New England) & Matt Prater (Detroit)


Week 1
Quarterback: Rodgers
Running backs: Hyde, Crowell, Ivory
Wide Receivers: Nelson & Jones
Tight End: Reed
Kicker: Prater
Defense: Packers

15 days until regular season starts!


  1. We are HUGE football fans and I am very impressed with your picks. Good call on Rivers and Witten is our favorite TE. My hubs played TE

  2. I use to really be into football but I don't have much time for it anymore. Baseball is totally my first love, i love it.

  3. I've actually never done something like this, but I love college football way more than pro...sadly! xo, Biana -

  4. I love football but have never done a fantasy league! That needs to change!

  5. I always tell myself I am going to do a bunch of research too, and then maybe read something for 30 minutes before the draft! Haha.