Friday, August 26, 2016

The Last Full Week In August

I tried those banana berry muffins...I couldn't even finish one.  I should've gone with my gut & not trusted the girl...I thought they tasted like shit.  So that night I went back to the store to get more eggs & some chorizo so that I could have scrambled eggs w/chorizo for breakfast for the rest of the week.  MUCH better.

I'm finally finished training at work!  Which also means my free meals are done, which I did NOT take full advantage of.  I got free food on the first night & then really only decided to get food on Tuesday because it'd be my last night to get free food.  Now I am finally set free, don't have to follow anyone around or be followed around, & actually get the tips I earn when serving a table.

This had been my morning everyday this week.  Coffee, scrambled eggs w/chorizo, & The League.  Not gonna lie, granted it's only week one of the school year, so far...not missing it.  I like having the whole day to do whatever I want & then going into work somewhere between 4-6 until whenever I'm cut.  Now, that may change of course when I start subbing and all I do is work.  But for now, life is good.

This is what 4 tables in 6.5 hours looks like.  Minimum wage is 7.25 in Texas... I made less than that.  If you throw in the $5 that a girl from work gave me for bringing her home, I made just over that.  On the positive side, it's better than nothing.  Especially since I was originally scheduled to train & not serve.  All I'm sayin though is that it better pick up within the next week or 2 otherwise I'm gonna need a different job.

My nails finally aren't obnoxiously short anymore.  Now I just have to keep them healthy, painted, & growing for basically the next 3 weeks until my friend's wedding.  I decided to get them done back in Minnesota with everyone else so I need to keep doing them myself right up until the point that I fly back to MN.  The color is Sinful Colors Tempest.


  1. Your nails are looking good girl, I love that color. Oh I used to waitress and it can be frustrating but then you'll have a killer night and you'll be "YES!"!! Happy weekend angel!!

    1. Thank you! I haven't been a waitress for college, & that was short lived. I already love this place 100x just needs to pick up. Have a great weekend!

  2. I never made enough money to live off serving, but other people I worked with did and I couldn't understand it. I think some of that was due to my location and because I have RBF and don't deal well with stupid people (customers and coworkers). I did take on the responsibility of head wait to collect tip out, which included dinner since I was there last. That was nice since I can't ever finish a meal and I would bring it home and Teh BFF and I would split it.

  3. Your nails look great! Love that color. My mother was a waitress when I was little so I always tip well. I know how hard it is. It drives me crazy when I go out with people who are not very good tippers. It's so hard dealing with the public. I hope it gets better for you.