Monday, February 3, 2020

Goodbye January

The first month of 2020 is officially over & yet again, no blog posts.  That wasn't my intention.  I honestly had intentions of sitting down while still on Christmas break to type of some posts, & then again back on the 20th & cranking some out since I had the day off.  That obviously didn't happen & then before I knew it it was January 31st & I had nothing written or posted.  I *did* however manage to comment on a few posts...  I'd like to be able to promise I'll be around more in February but it's probably best I don't make promises I may not be able to keep.

Anyway, moving on...

When I last posted I was finishing up my last recap of 2019.  I had mentioned that I had had an interview for a marketing position at a real estate company & was waiting to hear back on if I would be getting a round 2 interview or not.  I suppose then that that's a good place to start my January recap:

-I DID get a 2nd round interview.  It was set for Monday January 6th & I did not go.  That's right, I didn't go.  Despite how badly I had wanted a marketing job, & to get out of teaching, I turned the interview down.  When the offer of the 2nd interview was set up, the salary range was also sent out.  To take that job would have meant a 15k-20k pay cut & that is not something that I can financially do at the moment.  Had the interview happened while still on break I probably would have still gone just for the experience.  However, it was the first day back of the 2nd semester & I wasn't about to waste a day off on a job I knew I wouldn't take even if I got it...

-On January 3rd my roommate & I signed the paperwork to terminate our lease early.  Our lease wasn't supposed to end until July 17th of this year.  We both knew however that we weren't going to be renewing when the time came & we both had other plans so we mutually agreed to start the process of getting out of our lease early.  As of today we have exactly one month left in our apartment, although we're both moving out sooner.

-Danny & I finally went to go visit our friends for the first time since we had helped them move back in the middle of December.

-My friend Tay & I had a much needed date & got our nails done.

-Danny & I went to go see Bad Boys For Life, which was really good, & the first movie I had seen in a theater in well over a year.

-Danny & I went on a little mid-week overnight getaway to Georgetown, TX where Danny fell head over heels in love with the town & we agreed that moving  there would be part of our 5 year plan.

-We started packing up stuff at the apartment & bringing it to the new place.  We're actually going to be moving in with his dad for a hot minute so that we can save up some money to buy/build our own place.  Bonus: Nash gets a backyard & a dog friend!

Looking back at January my calendar doesn't really have much on it, & I was only at work 17.5 days, but holy shit January 1st feels like forever ago...


  1. YAY for a 5 year plan AND for Nashy having a backyard and less noise restrictions!

  2. Central TX is so nice isn't it?

  3. I was curious to know what happened with the job interview! That pay cut SUCKS, ugh. I'm sorry it didn't pan out!