Monday, July 3, 2017

Goodbye June, Hello July

So it's July already...crazy!  The first six months of 2017 have officially come & gone.  At the end of 2016 I claimed that 2017 was going to be my year.  In January I finally got a full time teaching job after subbing/working at a bar for 4 months.  In February I got my own place.  March & April were rough when my friendship with who I thought was my person ended.  Realizing that I wasn't going to be returning to my new found job & once again job hunting was also rough.  But, I've since found a new job for the fall in a great district, got myself a puppy, went on a road trip, & have done lots of other things with my friends.  The good has definitely outweighed the bad & I'd still like to think that 2017 has more often than not been my year.  Linking up with Miss Biana!

I had meant to blog on Thursday & Friday last week but my parents have iffy internet at best sometimes so I'm just moving Thursday's post (what you don't see on social media) to later in the week & including my week in Minnesota with this weekend recap.

What I Was Up To
Last Monday while I was in Minnesota my mama & I went to Duluth for the day.  I got my MOH dress from David's Bridal & then we got lunch at Fitger's Brewhouse.  I wish I could remember what my burger was called because it was amazing.  It had jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, & guacamole on it.  After lunch we just walked around Canal Park to see Lake Superior & then did a scenic drive.

Tuesday I helped prime the old chicken coop at my parents' house so that they can paint it barn red later.  My mom & I met up with my brother that night for tacos & elote from my favorite taco truck in Minnesota.  The family had a restaurant in my hometown for awhile but the mom was in an accident last year (she is fine) but between the medical bills & time she needed to be away from the restaurant they had to close it down.  They still have their truck though which is how they started out.  Afterwards we got ice cream from Culver's because as delicious as those tacos are, my mouth was on FIRE!

Wednesday I went shoe shopping with my mama so I could get shoes for my cousin's wedding.  I still haven't found any.  I'm in search of gold or nude shoes that will go with the dress above that are cute, practical, & not too expensive because I probably won't ever wear them again honestly.  I also picked up a little globe that I have been staring at nearly every single time I go to Target.  I finally bought it & then went to Craft's Direct to get some paint so I could do a little DIY on the globe.

On Thursday I pretty much hung around the house.  I finally read Anna Kendrick's book Scrappy Little Nobody.  I've always thought that she was awesome & would love to be her best friend.  Then I read her book.  That girl is my damn spirit animal.  We did meet up with my aunt & cousin for lunch that day & then met up with my brother again that night for supper.  It was my mama's birthday.

Friday afternoon my daddy came home from work in North Dakota.  We went & picked up an old wood stove from a garage sale.  Turns out it belonged to a family I used to babysit for!  I hadn't seen them in forever!  Well I only saw the mom but it was good to see her.  That evening my mama, daddy, & baby brother took me to the airport so I could head on back to Texas.  I of course had to get soe Caribou before getting on the plane because it has still yet to hit Texas.  When I got home that night I had 4 packages waiting for me inside my apartment.  I knew 3 of them would be there because I ordered some furniture from Amazon.  (So far I have the coffee table & 2 end tables put together.  I still have to put together the TV stand & nightstand.)  The other one was a mystery.  It was from Amazon.  YAY!  I opened it.  Bath bombs!  Woo?!  I didn't order them.  I double checked to make sure I hadn't ordered them & not remembered.  Nope not me.  There was no note & the return address was just the company it came from.  I need to try them out still.  First I need to find time to take a bath without worrying about my puppy.

Saturday morning I finally got him back from my friend Trey.  I had had several invitations to do different things over the weekend (a wine bar opening, a house party, & 2 invitations to go float the river)  Had I not had original plans for a house party that wound up getting cancelled & Nash I probably would've gone to float the river.  I had already been away from him for a week though & I wasn't ready to take him tubing yet.  Someday I'll get him in/on the water but not yet.  So I ordered pizza & the two of us stayed in.

Sunday morning I had a brunch date which sucked.  I kind of knew going in I wasn't super psyched.  We had been talking for a few days & over time he just got annoying & kind of childish.  I didn't want to back out on the date though & I figured I'd give him a chance in person.  I don't think he was feeling it either.  Which also is probably for the best because he works 4 hours away M-F & then comes back up here for the weekend.  The date lasted maybe an hour.  Keeping a conversation going was like pulling teeth & then when we weren't talking it was the awkward well now what conversation.  I spent the rest of the day watching season 7 of Shameless, playing with Nash, & working on my paper for class.  #SorryNotSorry for the overload of pictures of my puppy.

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Moments I'm Grateful For
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25 - Getting the results section of my research paper done
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  1. As usual, such a full recap. Your life is busy and fun. I think 2017 (ups and downs) can still be your year! :)

  2. Love your MOH dress! It looks great on you!! That ice cream looks amazing... way better than Braum's. ;) Glad you had a great trip home to MN!!

  3. Tacos and ice cream sounds delicious! Glad you had a good visit! Nash is seriously the cutest.

  4. Oh pup, he is just the cutest!