Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Everything Changes

Awhile ago Nadine did a post about why you should Never Say Never & Steph did a post about Things That Used To Be Important.  I really loved both of these posts & wanted to do my own that was similar to both of them.  A look back at where I was in life, where I thought I'd be, & what was important to me at the time.

1 Year Ago - 27 (2016)
-Trying to decide whether or not I wanted to keep teaching or not
-Starting grad school
-Letting go of a boy who just couldn't make me any type of priority after many many months
-Trying to find a place to live
-Trying to find a job
-Wanting to start making my blog more than just a random place I sometimes wrote in

5 Years Ago - 23 (2012)
-Trying to make the most of my summer before moving to Texas
-Getting ready to move to Texas for real
-Wanting to date a cop in my hometown while knowing I'd be moving in a couple of months
-Trying to transition from college life to grown up life
-Being unsure if I had made the right decision in sticking with an education major
-Wishing I had gotten a job in Minnesota so I wouldn't have to leave everyone

10 Years Ago - 18 (2007)
-Preparing for college
-Getting ready to move away from home for the first time ever
-Worrying about moving away from my boyfriend
-Stressing about my boyfriend joining the military
-Looking forward to "being an adult" & making new friends
-Thinking I would never live in a small town again
-Thinking I wanted to be an elementary school teacher


  1. This was super fun! You are not aging you pretty girl!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes people still think I'm 18. Really the only thing changing is that I am getting some gray hair :'(

  2. Girl you look the same! And its true never say never!

  3. Crazy how time flies and we change along the way! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. It's so crazy to look back and think about the stuff we used to care so much about. Most hardly matters!

  5. I found this post so interesting! I can't believe how my life turned out, even one year ago!!

  6. Love this post idea so much!! It's crazy how times change!

  7. It's always such an eye-opener to look back and see how much has changed, especially when it doesn't feel like much has changed at all!

  8. Fun!! Love the throwback pictures - and I agree with the commenters above! You aren't aging!