Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Currently In July

Hey y'all!  I hope that you're having a fantastic summer!  This is my last month of freedom.  I know I know, #TeacherProblems #TeacherPerks.  Volleyball camp starts on the 24th & then goes right into practice, into games, into the school year.  I'm linking up for another round of Currently with Anne & Stephanie.

Accomplishing not a whole lot

Buying puppy stuff

Day Dreaming about a never ending summer

Drinking water

Eating lime chips & creamy jalapeno ranch dip

Enjoying the last couple of weeks of my summer vacation

Feeling overwhelmed trying to train my puppy

Knowing that my days of going wherever I want whenever I want are over

Laughing at my MadLib RSVP for my cousin's wedding

Listening To stand up comedy on Netflix

Looking at my July calendar

Loving Nash

Making nothing

Needing to find a man that can hold a damn conversation in person

Noticing that guys are bold in an extremely creepy way online

Pinning nothing.  I need to just put all of the recipes I have in a book & then delete my account

Practicing patience

Smelling not much my nose is stuffed

Waiting to find out exactly what subject/grade I'll be teaching

Wanting these puppy teething days to end

Watching Season 1 of The Stand-Ups on Netflix

Wearing black Nike basketball shorts & a Junk Gypsy "American Dream" t-shirt

Wondering how this next school year is going to go


  1. My last month of freedom as well! Teachers report on Aug. 7...womp womp!

  2. Yes, wouldn't a never-ending summer be great?! And I loved Amy Poehler's book - it's really great on audiobook. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love the style of this post! It is so cute! We are definitely on the same page on not accomplishing much! lol!

    - Danielle |

    1. I need to! I think I'm just trying to pretend that if I don't do anything maybe time will stand still & summer won't end.

  4. Your pup is just the cutest!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Nash is so cute! I'd be buying all the stuff too (I do for my cat)

  6. Next year is going to be great and you are going to be AMAZING!! Online guys are SO CREEPY. And forward. I don't even know how they became so emboldened!!!

  7. That stinks that your break is almost over, but it seems like you made the most of it with traveling and getting that adorable puppy!

  8. We watched Kevin Hart's new stand up last night. Not as funny to me as I'm a Grown Little Man, but I still got some LOLs.

    As for dog problems, lots and lots of delicious chews! I give Meri and Pax Himalayan chews (yak cheese) and/or bully sticks (hold your breath). I tried antlers (which are expensive) and they didn't really love them. A tired dog is the best dog!

  9. "Accomplishing: Not a whole lot"
    ME TOO GIRL. Me too. Hahaha