Friday, April 21, 2017

Short Weeks Always Feel Longer

Why is is that short weeks seem to take longer to get through than normal weeks?  I hope that y'all had a great week & have an even better weekend!  You can follow along with my adventures on Instagram & Snapchat: nrthmeetssouthe  Use #mylifeas so I can see what your day to day life is like as well!  Linking up with Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday The students didn't have school but the teachers did.  Surprisingly the day went by really quickly.  I feel like normally staff development drags on & on.  It probably helped that I got to actually be with teacher friends instead of random teachers.  For lunch we all went to Applebees & I had a Quesadilla Burger for the first time in forever.  Without even realizing it I managed to get it for cheaper than usual saving myself like $4 because apparently all burger meals are $6.99 on Mondays.  At the end of the day I went home, immediately changed, & tried to take a little nap.  I wasn't actually able to nap so I decided to get up, watch some Netflix, & prep my breakfasts for the week.  I wound up going to bed around 9 & pretty much passed out immediately.  The older I get the longer it takes me to catch up on missed sleep.  

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Next year the district I work in will be going to standardized lesson plans

Tuesday I tried out Amazon Prime Now for the first time.  I had a $15 gift card to Amazon from Swagbucks & got $10 off for it being my first time using it.  I was able to get a new Brita Water Bottle, some Glade refills for my classroom, as well as a new lotion for my classroom for about $12...but actually for free because gift cards.  The best part it was delivered that night.  I could've had it earlier in the day but wanted to make sure I'd be home when they showed up.   I started watching Scandal on my conference period & then wound up staying up until 10-10:30 that night watching more of it.  I even had it on while I was washing dishes.  I am officially addicted. & want to BE Olivia Pope when I grow up.  Thanks to Teh Megan I finally decided to get my ass in gear & start working on my to-do list.  Hence the dishes...

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Wednesday I about lost it on some of my kids.  Biggest pet peeve?  When I've verbally explained something, given them the written directions, & then instead of listening and/or reading, they ask questions to which the answers are right in front of them.  Similarly, when they need to find answers for an assignment that would be super easy to find if they would just take the .2 seconds to look it up, they go "Miss what's the answer to this?" AHHHH!  I stayed my extra hour watching Scandal & then went home to watch even more Scandal staying up far too late again.  By far too late I mean 10:30ish.  I didn't see the game because I don't have TV or cable but the MN Wild somehow managed to save themselves from round 1 elimination against the St. Louis Blues last night.  The series now stands at 3-1 which means they have to win all of the last three games in order to move on.  If they lose even one it's over.

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Thursday while my kids worked on their projects I worked on cleaning out file cabinets.  When I took over this classroom in January, the teacher before me told me that previous teachers had left a ton of stuff in the filing cabinets.  I never really looked at it.  Well with the year coming to a close I decided to dive into it.  Oh my goodness they're a mess.  A couple have a neat filing system but were so jam packed full of stuff.  So I've been working on throwing out the unnecessary stuff & then recycling all but one copy of each paper in the file folders.  That way if I stay it's already neat & tidy for next year, making it easier to sort through & put in an order that makes sense for the year.  And, if I don't stay, I have every intention of taking the stuff with me.  Or at minimum making a copy of everything to take with me.  Seriously, that stuff has been in there for years.  I know this because the guy that I replaced didn't put anything in there & he was here for a few years.  So clearly no one has been using it or would miss it.

After work I headed up to class.  Even though we only missed last week, it felt like forever since I had had to go.  Once class was over Emily, Katherine, & I went to Chuy's for margaritas and chips & salsa.  Tomorrow is our last week of class & I am so ready to be done with class but am also sad that that means that after class drinks are done forever.  Katherine graduates this semester, Emily graduates this summer, & I'm only doing online classes for the summer & fall.  Even though I got home a little after 9:30, I still thought it would be a good idea to get in an episode of Scandal.  Apparently 10:30 is just my new bedtime...

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Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
14 - Visiting Houston for the first time in over a year
15 - Getting to go to my favorite park
16 - Fancy dinner with friends
17 - Staff development instead of a regular school day
18 - I finally started tackling my to-do list
19 - The MN Wild avoiding round 1 elimination
20 - Long overdue after class happy hour

Miles I Walked
14 - 2.25
15 - 3.99
16 - 1.04
17 - 2.00
18 - 1.57
19 - 1.58
20 - 2.29
Total - 14.72

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  1. That roadside could be all over our town right now! Crazy, doubles my commute. I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend beautiful babe!

    1. For real! I have had to drive some stretch of I-35 my entire life since it runs from MN to TX & there has never been a single year in my entire life that there are not massive parts of it under construction. Have a great Friday!

  2. Yes, PD days do feel super boring to me as well. I'd much rather just have a regular work day with the kids. At least you got a nice meal and time to socialize to break up your day!

  3. short weeks always seem so much longer and I have no idea why. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Friday! Short weeks do always feel much longer. Boo, no fun. Your funnies are cracking me up! Have a great weekend.
    Beautifully Candid

  5. #notsorry
    Last night, Teh German asked me if I wanted a gin and tonic and I had to turn him down because I had taken a Norco for my hip. It was super disappointing. -that's what your Jack comic made me think of.

  6. The road sign is too funny. We have a few roads here in Jersey that should put that up.

    1. LOL we have actual billboards in I-35 that say "you may hate us now but you'll love us when we're done"

  7. I get a craving for Applebee's once in a while, even though their quality can be bad sometimes (in my experience,'s a gamble with them). The quesadilla burger is good and I like the macaroni with honey chicken tenders. I always wanted to try their Espressotini drink, but they took it off the menu before I turned 21.

  8. These are hilarious! My boyfriend is a Michigander, newly (2 yrs) relocated to Texas and I imagine you both go through some of the same emotions about hockey and Texas weather (and bad drivers)