Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Cadillac Three Remind Us What It Feels Like To Fall In Love

**I originally wrote this post back in August for a blog that my friend Alicia & I had started.  Summer ended, we went back to work, the blog sort of died.  However, the song came around on my Spotify & I was reminded of the post & so I wanted to share it with y'all on here.**

"Anyone who has fallen in love knows how quickly and unexpectedly it can happen.  'White Lightning' does the perfect job at explaining just that.  

'White Lightning' can be found on their new album 'Bury Me In Boots' out this Friday!

You can pre-order 'Bury Me In Boots' on iTunes as well as here."

**The album is obviously out now & you should definitely check out the song, the album, & the band as a whole!**

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