Thursday, April 20, 2017

Issues of Mainstream Country Explained by Kevin Fowler & Zane Williams with 'Sellout Song'

"It's no secret that standards for what's considered country music these days have drastically dropped.  Hell even artists that used to produce quality music have taken to the new trend of releasing their very own sellout songs.  That's right I'm looking at you Luke & Jason.

Kevin Fowler & Zane Williams certainly aren't the first to call out "artists" who have chosen to take the path of sell out.  Aaron Watson has "Hey Y'all - My Contribution To Ruining Country Music"  Wade Reeves had "Haggard and Jones" Eric Church has "Lotta Boot Left To Fill"  The list goes on & on.  

Hopefully one of these days mainstream country will go back to meaningful lyrics, rap & techno will permanently exit any track meant to be country, & grown ass men will stop wearing glittery skinny jeans.  However, until that day comes at least we have Kevin & Zane willing to show "country artists" these days just how ridiculous they look & sound."

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  1. i used to be super into country music for a few years - KC grew up on it but i didn't, and he always thought the stuff i listened to was ridiculous and not real country, whereas i will admit to not being a fan of the older stuff he listened to.. way too country for me haha. but we can at least both agree that most of the stuff that is out now, or has come out in the last couple of years.. not great. i don't listen at all anymore.
    lol @ glittery skinny jeans. seriously though.

  2. By "grown-ass men in sparkly skinny jeans," you aren't talking about the Nudie suits that were popular among the older generation of country singers, are you?

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of Florida-Georgia Line