Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday Blog Style Vol. 3


"Halloween-Roommate Dinner-Vikings vs Cardinals" - Well I certainly was to the point with my title wasn't I?  Let's start with Halloween.  2010 was clearly the year of the Brett Favre sexting scandal which I had forgotten all about until I read this post.  When I think Brett Favre I mostly just think "mmm those jeans."  Yes, he is almost 20 years my senior.  No, I don't care.  He can still rock those Wranglers.  Next up, that roommate dinner.  I don't even remember that dinner.  I can almost 100% tell you who was who that I'm talking about, & even what the tension was over.  But I don't remember that dinner.  It all turned out just fine.  3 of us are still great friends & there's no beef with the 4th roommate, the other 3 of us had just been close since freshmen year whereas we didn't meet the 4th until later so we parted after graduation. (& if you're thinking the 4th is the one who requested the dinner you're wrong.)

**I was apparently on a blogging break for awhile in 2011**


"This Weekend I" - Back before I started linking up with Biana for Weekending, I linked up with Syndal & Sarah for This Weekend I... Sarah doesn't blog anymore much to my disappointment.  She does tweet though!  Syndal does still have a blog but I stopped following it sometime ago & now it's private.  You can read exactly what I did that weekend.  What it doesn't tell you that I was a hot mess that weekend...  Good going 24 year old Bri...good going.


"Sunday Social" - Back in the day people must have blogged on the weekends more than they do now.  Not only did I participate in this Sunday link-up.  I also participated in a different Sunday link-up from time to time.  I no longer follow either Ashley or Neely's blogs anymore.  Both of their blogs have changed since then as well.  This Sunday Social was all about Thanksgiving memories & favorites.  Thanksgiving is still my favorite meal of the year.


"A Weekend In Houston" - This documents that one period in my life that I like to pretend doesn't exist.  You know that one where I thought it'd be a good idea to be friends with the "other woman" who turned out to be bat shit crazy.  *shudder*  I couldn't even read all of this.  I just laughed when I saw her, shook my head, & moved onto the rest of it.  Life certainly wasn't dull...  Also, why did I call this "A Weekend In Houston" as if I didn't live there at the time or was always jet setting off to other places on the weekends...

"Baby I'm Worth It" - I'll save you the read.  I was just wondering if Hulu, Brazilian waxes, & grad school were worth it.  Still haven't signed up for Hulu, still never had a Brazilian, & I'm in my first semester of grad school right now.

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