Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer Goals - How Did I Do

1. Attend 2 concerts [#5 on 28 by 28] PASS!

Maiden Dixie

Whiskey Myers

2. Don't use credit card for 1 month [#8 & #26 on 28 by 28/#69 & 92 on 101 in 1001] PASS!
**I actually didn't use it for like 2.5 months.  Then I used it while my friend Bridgette was in town.  I haven't used it since then so I'm at almost 2 weeks without using it again**

3. Read 6 books [# 10 on 28 by 28/#9 on 101 in 1001] FAIL!
**I think had I chosen a different book to be my 3rd book I would have passed.  I still haven't finished that 3rd one by the way.  Instead I went to the library & got 2 different books.  I read 4**

4. Get to goal weight [#12 on 28 by 28] FAIL!
**I'm so close that I almost called it a pass.  I wanted to get down to 150-155 & I'm at 158.  Considering I started at 166 I'm basically there**

5. Have tarot read [#18 on 28 by 28] FAIL!
**Didn't happen.  It just didn't**

6. Average 10k steps a day for a month [personal goal] FAIL!
**Probably a fail.  My fitbit started acting up almost daily so I stopped wearing it.  I can almost guarantee I didn't hit my steps though**

7. Start learning Spanish [#27 on 28 by 28] PASS!
**I'm at like 3% fluent**

8. Start learning guitar [#21 on 28 by 28] PASS!
**I learned a not much of a pass but all I said was start learning...**

9. Finish 1000 piece puzzle [#28 on 28 by 28/#95 on 101 in 1001] FAIL!
**I gave up.  The puzzle had too many missing pieces & then I never bought a new one**

10. Outdoor movie [#50 on 101 in 1001] PASS!

End results: 5/10.  Basically I failed.  I did come close on a couple though & I came close/passed the ones I really cared about so I'm still happy with my results.  

Last Thursday I talked about my Fall Goals.  If you missed them you can find them here.

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  1. Well I think you should look at it as you've got 5 more things to do!! xo, Biana