Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Confess Yourself

**The fact that neither of my roommates can manage to put the dishes IN the dishwasher drives me bat shit crazy**

**I am SO happy it's finally September**
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**I keep trying to think of ways where I can stay at my current bar/restaurant job but also actually make enough money to live off of**
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**I am in an almost constant state of tired**
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**I am in big time need of an entire day off with nothing to do so that I can get shit done**
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**I thought I'd have a way better routine not working during the day than I actually do**
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  1. John fails to put the dishes in the dishwasher too and I will never understand it. There's literally no point in his day at home where the dishwasher is full - I planned it that way. It's always ready for his dishes BUT NO. Drives me BONKERS.

  2. I have two sons that do put them in the dishwasher but one who never does. Luckily my husband's pretty decent at it. Oh how I would long for a day to do nothing I mean it would be a treat!

    1. I just found out I have Friday & Sunday off. I already had lunch plans for Friday so I've decided Friday will be my get shit done day & Sunday will be my do absolutely nothing day.

  3. I actually have several friends who tell me NOT to put things in their dishwasher because they like it a certain way, and will just redo it if you try to be polite and put things in there yourself! Totally with you on a day off just to get things done. I was hoping to do that over the weekend but alas, I got the lazies haha. I'm currently trying to get out of summer mode and come up with a routine that works too. Good luck!

  4. Chris doesn't know how to put things in the dishwasher either. OMG it drives me insane!!! The dishes are always in the sink and it is a rarity that the dishwasher ever be so full he couldn't have placed them in there. Same with the laundry basket. Alllll his clothes stay on the floor in our bedroom until I come around to collect them for laundry. GRRRR. I am glad it is September too. Can we get some cooler weather, please?

  5. I'd love a day off too to get crap done! I can't bring myself to do all that needs to get done on work days.

    I'm tired all the time too lately. Naps are one of my favorite activities.

    1. Exactly! It's pathetic because I don't actually work until 5 pm so in reality I could get stuff done... but just like some people want to relax when they get home from work, I want to relax before work because it's usually bedtime as soon as I get home.