Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today In June

Today in June I...

-Had a massage for the first time in well over a year

- Attended my first ever Rangers game knocking Globe Life Park off my list

-Said goodbye to Mr. Midwest & drove the 1100 miles from TX to MN

-Went to the zoo with Becky & her kids

-Caught up with my friend Kristie

-Started a new blog with my friend Alicia

-Sent out bachelorette party invites for Kristie

-Got my 2nd Stitch Fix

-Fainted for the very first time

-Had a phone interview for a teaching job in Texas

-I saw Whiskey Myers in concert with my friend Alicia

-I went to a rodeo with some friends

-I attended my first canvas painting party

-Had dinner with a couple of friends from college

-Spent my mama's birthday helping her do yardwork


  1. I love your canvas!! I always go so long without a massage I wish I could go more often. Thanks for linking up =)

  2. oh your canvas is pretty! thanks for linking this post up with Gretch and I. sorry about your stitch fix bad luck and fainting, that sounds scary!

  3. The canvas painting party sounds so fun. :)

    I've never been to a Rodeo - not sure I'd like it very much. :(

  4. Wow what a month for you! Checking out all your posts you linked up..looks like I have some catching up to do! Thanks for linking up :)