Monday, August 10, 2015

WeFest Weekend

I hope that y'all had a great weekend.  I got back home from WeFest yesterday & am on the road today since work starts for me on Wednesday.

Since I have a recap coming for WeFest later this week & have 12+ hours of driving today I'll just leave you with links to past WeFest recaps.  I'd say I promise that the recap is coming but if you look at my track record that's a lie.  However, I've been doing really good with having my blog posts since I started my new planner with the section to write out all the topics so hopefully this will be the year I follow through with it.

I'll try to read all of your posts when I get to my hotel tonight!

I didn't start blogging until 6 months after my first WeFest so I didn't do a recap but here is a Flashback Friday post which includes a couple of pictures from it.

Also known as the year I didn't go.  So this is basically a bitter rant about not being able to go + some more pictures from 2009.

Of the 5 years I've gone to WeFest prior to this year, this is one of 2 that have an actual recap...and it came nearly 3 weeks after WeFest.  I was still in college & had gone with a roommate, girl I worked with, & another girl friend.

It was the 30th Anniversary of WeFest & the first year I said fuck it here's a video instead.  I'm sure if I really tried I could still give you a general recap.  It was the year I technically met Music Soulmate but it was a brief, probably never gonna see you again, encounter that happens all the time at WeFest.

The first time I flat out lied about giving y'all a recap.  It says I promise I'll get a play by play up soon.  Guess what...2 years later I didn't do it.  It was the year that I really met Music Soulmate though.  I went with some boys that I went to high school with & one girl friend from college.  She was with her brother, cousin, & friend.  They were friends with my friends & we all wound up camping together.  It was also the birth of #TeamHastag.

A video AND an actual recap?!  It came nearly 2 months after WeFest but it happened & that's all that matters!


  1. You really do a great job of documenting life. Have a safe trip!

  2. how fun! I'm always down for some music and camping. Always the best memories with friends.

  3. hope you had fun! you clearly love that festival ;)