Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6, 2020

I have done posts in the past where I have made guesses at my future.  (Letter to 36 year old me, from 21-31, etc) I saw both Claire & Pinky do this recently so I decided since I'm starting a brand new chapter of my life this month I'd take a look at what my life might be like 5 years from now.

**I'll be 3 months short of 32**

**I'll probably still be teaching...and if so will have 8 years under my belt & be starting my 9th year**

**There's a chance that I'll be on my 3rd school district**

**I hope I won't be living in the city anymore**

**I'll be buying or already own my own home...with or without a man**

**I'd like to be married though**

**I'd like to have a kid & be on #2**

**I may or may not still be blogging...oh hell I will followers will probably be different though because I can definitely see it being a lot about my kids once those come along**

**I'll most likely still be in Texas because there's only 2 reasons I'd leave: marrying someone in another state or my parents AND brother move out west**

**Politically speaking our next president will already be having their first term come to an end & we'll be getting ready to vote that person or a new one in**

**My politicial beliefs aside (I don't identify as either of the main parties btw...) our president will be a Republican**

**I would love to have at least a hobby farm going on if not a larger one.  Cows...give me all the cows**


  1. Crazy to think what life may hold in the future!!

  2. The idea of my life in 5 years from now is so drastically different (I hope) that it frightens me to think of it.

    But all the cows.. bahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  3. This is awesome. Love all the cows. Indeed, all the cows.