Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1, 3, 5

I've seen people doing flashback posts & not only did I want to participate in flashbacks I wanted to do the future as well.  I love seeing how far I've come & dreaming about where I'll be in the future.

Spring Break road trip with my friend.  This was the first time either of us had ever been to a Waffle House.  We're in Missouri.

In 2009 I:
*Turned 21*
*Moved out of an apartment that I had been living in with my ex-boyfriend to move in with 3 of my girlfriends*
*Got back together with my ex-boyfriend*
*Took my first road trip ever...and then took a 2nd one that same year*
*Changed my major from elementary education to secondary education*
*Went to my first WeFest*

Spring Break road trip with 2 of my roommates at the time.  We had just eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters in Colorado.

In 2011 I:
*Turned 23*
*Moved back in with my parents for my last semester of actual classes*
*Quit my favorite part time job that I've ever had...Gander Mountain*
*Went on an epic "Man vs. Food" & "Flyover States" inspired spring break road trip*
*Got my first tattoo*
*Met Mini Me...Kickass Cousin's 2nd child*
*Watched my ex ship off for deployment*
*Went to my first rodeo since I was a kid & the obsession was reawakened*

Spring Break in South Padre

In 2013 I:
*Turned 25*
*Went on my 1st & probably last stereotypical spring break trip*
*Ran my first 5k ever ... The Warrior Dash*
*Made new teacher friends*
*Said goodbye to some teacher friends who moved away*
*Survived my first year of teaching*
*Met Mr. Fireman & started dating for the first time in 2.5 years*
*Got to be the first one to find out the gender of Kickass Cousin's 3rd child*
*Started my 2nd year of teaching in the same district despite efforts to find a new job*

At Rodeo Houston for REO Speedwagon during Spring Break.

So Far In 2014 I:
*Broke up with Mr. Fireman*
*Rocked a job interview in the DFW area*

This year is still so new, yet flying by, so I'm not really sure what's to come but...
*I'll be turning 26*
*Starting my 3rd year of teaching...hopefully near DFW & out of Houston*
and really who knows what else but I am taking the rest of this year to not plan & just take life as it comes...


In 2015 I Hope To/Will:
*Travel more*
*Turn 27*
*Maybe meet a nice guy & fall in love...*
*Love my job*


In 2017 I Hope To/Will
*Be living in or moving to a small town*
*Turn 29*
*Be getting married...or married*


In 2019 I Hope To/Will:
*Son of a gun I'll be turning 31* (no rhyme was intended)
*Have a kid or 2*
*Still be loving my job, husband, & life*

I've kind of given up on trying to predict the future because a) it never works out the way you think it will & b)I'm trying to live more in the here & now...but it would be pretty spiffy if those things came true...


  1. flashbacks are always awesome and funny to remember. my flashbacks are mid-80s and 90s LOL.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. This is such a fun post! I love looking back at fun things I did in the past. I may have to borrow this post idea :)