Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July, July!

Two goal posts in a row because that's how I do!  Plus it's the first day of July & I just recently started another 101 in 1001 list & I'm probably more likely to stick to this one than the last if I break some of the goals up monthly instead of just leaving them out & about for someday.

1. Average 10k steps a day
2. Read at least 2 books
3. Volunteer
4. Drink a half gallon of water daily
5. Finish my 6 week workout challenge
6. Be down to at least 155
7. Send a hand written letter/card to someone
8. Go on a date
9. Save all of my change
10. Take my day 1 selfie
11. Listen to a new music artist
12. Bake something new

I'm a teacher...which means I have summers off...which means I have no excuse to not complete most/all of these goals.

Events that I have to look forward in July:

-Independence Day
-Taste of Minnesota
-Girls Night Out
-Josh Abbott Band concert
-Eric Paslay concert
-Maiden Dixie concert
-Celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday
-County flippin fair

My new planner had this little section in the front & it makes me the happiest person in the world.  I have all of the rest of the stuff I had previously to keep track of stuff but this new addition is my favorite.  I am using it to keep track of all my my blog posts for the year & since my planners always run June-July... it starts today!  #OrganizationNerd


  1. love the planner, that looks intense! sounds like july is going to be a busy, fun month. good luck with your goals!

  2. You go girl!!! I'm trying so hard to get my steps back up to a good number, it's a tough goal but such a fun one with a Fitbit! :) What kind of planner is that? :)

  3. I mean seriously, aren't new planners the most fun!!

  4. July looks like it is going to be fun but busy. Impressed with your concert list! Eric Paslay will be awesome!

  5. you talk about your awesome planner and i'm sitting here trying to decide if i should pull the trigger and get a new one!