Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another 101 Is Done

So like I mentioned on Thursday my 2nd 101 in 1001 challenge came to an end recently.  My 2nd list began on September 28th, 2012 & ended June 26th, 2015.  This 101 list basically spanned my time in Houston.  I was one month into my first year of teaching when it began & it ended one month after I moved away.

(If you want to follow along with my 3rd 101 challenge on IG you can click here.  I'll be using #3Bri101in1001)

How did I do?  Not well.  I completed less than half the goals I set for myself.  Were some of them aiming fairly high? Yes.  Could I have still done better?  Absolutely.

Let's start with the positive...what I did manage to complete from my list...

1. Begin 101 in 1001
12. Pay for someone in drive thru
13. Visit 5 new states
16. Do Warrior Dash
24. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
25. Go on a road trip
33. Visit 2 national parks
34. Own a pair of Justin boots
44. Attend ****** 2014 graduation
45. Go to a rodeo every year
52. Go to 3 concerts
55. Watch the sunrise & sunset in the same day
59. Run a 5k
60. Give up pop for a month
61. Blog weekly
62. Leave a note in a book
63. Give up fast food for a month
64. See Josh Abbott Band in concert
67. Complete 5 Pinterest DIY projects
68. Do the Color Run
70. Leave 100% tip
71. Read 5 autobiographies
76. Get 1000 twitter followers
78. Try geocaching
80. Go skinny dipping
81. Be a MOH
84. Go to a drive in movie
90. Stop biting my nails
92. Meet up annually with college friends
94. Complete 100 snapshot challenge
97. Open a cookbook & make a random recipe
99. Get a library card & use it

So what didn't I complete...

2. Workout weekly
3. Photo a day 2013
4. Photo a day 2014
5. 50 book challenge 2012
6. 50 book challenge 2013
7. 50 book challenge 2014
8. AZ book challenge
9, Write in a diary daily for a year
10. Get engaged
11. Get married
14. Do Relay For Life
15. Do Susan G Komen race
17. Go camping 4 times
18. Donate $1 for every failed goal
19. Create monthly budgets
20. Throw a dart at a map & go
21. Boudoir photo shoot
22. Travel to DC
23. Travel to Europe
26. Go all out for 25th birthday
27. Get on a cleaning schedule
28. Go to NYC
29. See a play
30. Go to church monthly
31. Have 30% of student loans paid off
32. Weekly meal plans
35. Watch a new movie every month
36. Volunteer monthly
37. Donate blood 3 times
38. Meet up annually with student teaching roommates
39. Meet up annually with social studies major classmates
40. Use crockpot daily for a year
41. Cook a meal a day with Rachel Ray for a year
42. Visit Los Angeles
43. Visit Philadelphia
46. Visit Canada
47. Visist Mexico
48. Drink 48 oz of water daily
49. Buy a truck or Challenger
50. Complete AZ movie challenge
51. Sleep in the bed of a truck
53. Complete a coloring book
54. Go to 15 pro baseball games
56. See 3 new pro ball parks
57. Have someone to kiss every year on NYE
58. Buy a nice DSLR
65. Own a pair of Tony Lama boots
66. Own a pair of Toms shoes
69. Do AZ travel challenge
72. Tie a note to a balloon & let it go
73. Learn to swim
74. Learn Spanish
75. Learn to drive a manual
77. Learn 5 songs on the guitar
79. Do a scavenger hunt
82. Do AZ photo challenge
83. Put college photos in a albums
85. Watch the sunrise weekly
86. Read all Nicholas Sparks books
87. Be in a flash mob
88. Finish TX Bucket List
89. Get a MN teaching job
91. Stay off Facebook for a week
93. Have my name carved in a tree
95. Go to a comedy club
96. Do 10 best things in Houston
98. Don't swear for a week
100. Have a kid
101. Photograph the same spot monthly for a year

End result: 32 completed 69 failed

**That's 14 less than I completed my first time around...**


  1. Even though you didn't complete as many this time around you still did an awesome job with the ones you completed! It's tough to get them all done!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I know you didn't complete as many as you wanted, but you really did knock off some major list items!

  3. You can still do #18.... :)