Monday, June 1, 2015

I Wonder What May Showers Bring

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I can't believe it's June already!  I am so ready for it though.  The current chapter of my life ends this month & I am so ready to see what the next one has in store for me.  I'm also ready for this rain to stop.  If April showers are supposed to bring May flowers then what happens when it's May showers?  In less than a week I'll be leaving Houston so I'm hoping that means leaving the rain behind as well.  Anyway, on with my weekend since that's why you'e all here anyway right?

After work on Friday I headed out to happy hour with Art Teacher.  There was a Gander Mountain nearby so I killed some time in there while I waited for her.  $80 in under 30 min later I decided it was time to leave... on the brightside I got a new shirt & a couple of birthday presents for people.  We started out at Chuy's & then headed off to a dive bar which I really liked.  We met some nice people & they had great music playing.  Art Teacher wanted to try another place too but they were charging a cover so we headed out to Whiskey River to dance & get the best tacos ever.  It was kid of perfect ending our night there.  I started my time in Houston 3.5 years ago going to that bar every weekend so it was pretty fitting to have that be the last place I go out at.  We wound up staying there til nearly 2, got some tacos, went across the parking lot for calamari, & then back WR for more tacos.  By the time I got her home it was close to 3 am & it was close to 4 am by the time I got home.  Pretty much the only upside to OK working overnights is that I had someone to talk to/keep me awake.

Saturday started out so sunny...and slow moving.  I've apparently reached the age where I can't mix liquors.  I was never drunk, & hadn't really drank all that much the night before, but I drank beer & a couple different kinds of alcohol.  I wanted to die when I woke up.  When I finally woke up I packed up all of my clothes & headed to the hotel I'm staying at for the week so I could check in.  On my way back home it started raining, then it started pouring, & then by the time I was almost home roads were flooded.  I had to turn around where this picture was taken.  I still needed stuff from my house & didn't want to drive the hour back to the hotel in case it was flooded over there too so I hung out at a bar until the sun came out again.  I headed home & decided to just stay one last night at the house.  It was probably a wise choice because it started raining again that night.

I woke up at 6 am.  Gross.  I made myself go back to sleep for a couple of hours.  When I woke up I finished packing up the remaining stuff at my house, picked up a little more, & then locked up the house to head back to the hotel.  I made a Target & Chipotle run and then happily discovered that there was a Harry Potter marathon on.

Looking Forward To...
After 2.5 long months I finally get to see OK again.  It may only be for a day or two but I am beyond ecstatic.  Never again do I want to have to go nearly 11 weeks without seeing his face.

Seeing Shane Barnhill & Jon Wolfe in concert.

Road Trip 2.0 with Kickass Cousin.

My 3rd 101 in 1001 finally starts!

River Bank Bash: Eric Church, Travis Tritt, Frankie Ballard, Jana Kramer, Craig Wayne Boyd, & Brad Morgan.


  1. You've done 3 101's?? So I'm assuming you like it! I've been thinking of making one myself!
    SO excited for you and this new chapter in your life <3 Can't wait to follow along! xo

  2. Wow - I can't believe how close you are to ending this chapter in Texas.
    Really excited about what the next few weeks and the future has in store for you!
    Enjoy your week, and stay dry. :)

  3. Even though I own all the movies, I get way too excited when I see an HP marathon on tv. I can't believe all the rain you guys have been getting, hope it clears up soon! Where are you headed after Houston?

  4. YAY time with OK! and summer! and adventures!
    And I say this and I'll probably regret it soon enough, but I'll take that rain. Just a little, not all of it cause then the yard becomes a swamp, but just enough for it not to flood there. deal?

  5. Yum, I LOVE Chuy's! We just got one about a year ago and it's seriously my favorite ever! I think after I finish a 30 before 30 list I'll do the 101 lists- they seem fun! :)

  6. You guys got slammed with so much rain!! Target and Chipotle sounds like a great day!