Thursday, May 28, 2015

Whatcha Thinkin Bout

**I'm pretty proud of myself for having a blog post every single day (M-F) this month**

**I'm even more proud of myself for having all but 2 days in June already planned out as well**
(planned...not necessarily drafted...)

**This rain in Houston has got to stop.  It has rained every single day in May, is forecasted to do so until June 18th, & it definitely wasn't dry in March or April either...**

**I am so happy that we do not have to make Tuesday's flood day up**

**Including today I only have 3 days left with my kids...this makes me happy & sad**

**When I was 23 I slept on an air mattress for 4 months when I was student was no problem.  I have been sleeping on one since Monday because all of my stuff is moved up to is a problem #TooOldForThisShit**


  1. i want to be like you when I grow up, minus the sleeping on a mattress part. Did that last week- hated it!
    Congrats on being so on top of things. :)

  2. Teach me your ways, oh fabulous blogger!!! Everything planned out for June? {I know you said except two days but I go ahead and count that as a win!} How do you do it? I was impressed with myself for posting 4 times this week.

  3. air mattress?! too old for that shit. precisely why i won't go camping - i'm too old to be sleeping in a tent!!

  4. the air mattress life is difficult. It was especially bad for me because I was sharing with Mr. Scrooge who like to use the bed as a trampoline in his sleep. NO ME GUSTA.

  5. Great job on blogging everyday, it's so hard. Sorry that you are sleeping on an air mattress, no fun.

  6. That is hard blogging every week day. Air Mattresses are so not comfortable! :(