Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

The theme for April was "finances."  The first 4 are finance related & the others were just general goals I had for the month.

Linking up with Steph.

1. Put no more than $150 on my credit card (only use for Luckenbach)

This one probably would have been fine if I had not remembered that I was due for an oil change that I couldn't put off & then had to pay someone to do my lawn because the HOA complained & I'm only home when it's dark/rainy thanks to softball.

2. Only eat out 4x max

Late nights due to softball meant a lot of eating out.

3. Only go to the grocery store once a week

I had all my meals planned out & made myself suck it up if I wanted something else I couldn't make.  I have all of May planned out too.  And ya know...eating out meant I didn't go through a lot of food at home...

4. Have $400 in savings

Of course I turned around & used it to pay for some moving expenses but my plan all along was to just use the whole lump sum to pay off part of my credit card so it seemed smarter to use this for the expenses rather than putting it on my card & paying it off later...

5. Average 7000 steps a day

I averaged 6,749 steps a day...just 251/day short...

6. Complete 100 photo challenge
9 of the last 10 days of my #100HappyDays challenge on Instagram

7. Finish a coloring book

Between softball, getting ready for state testing, & putting prom together I barely had enough time to get the shit I needed to accomplish done.

8. Donate blood

Basically I just need it to be June...because May isn't looking any better #MovingProblems

9. Keep my nails painted/don't bite them

They are finally getting long & pretty!  Now I just need to keep them this way & hopefully get myself a mani/pedi pre road trip in June.

10. Watch the sunrise/sunset in the same day

This is something I've done before & I WILL do it again.  The chances of it happening before the school year ends though...slim to none.  4 more weeks.

So the theme for May is "Read."

Originally I had some lofty goals in mind for this one.  Now it's simple.  I have one reading goal & the rest are general goals.  This month is going to see fewer general goals that the past few have had as well.  Why?  Well if March & April have taught me anything it's to not try to take on more than possible.  May is my last month at work which means preparing for finals, completing end of the year checklists, & really cleaning out my classroom since I won't be returning.  May also means packing up & cleaning my house, driving 4 hours to put stuff into storage once or twice, & moving out of my house into a hotel.  I'd also be over the moon if May meant finding a job & a place to live for next August but I'll just take that one as it comes...hopefully sooner rather than later.

So here are my goals:

1. Finally finish reading The Notebook
2. Average 7000 steps a day
3, Have everything for road trip packed/booked
4. Decide what in my house needs to be put in storage/kept/donated

The end.  If I happen to accomplish more then I'll be over the moon.  If not...summer vacation is so close I can taste it!


  1. Moving is definitely time consuming and stressful so good luck! And we are also the ugliest lawn on the block. Oh well.

  2. So are you moving to the Dallas area to teach? Or changing careers completely? (I got behind on blog life, sorry!). I thought I saw you said you were moving to Dallas (Boo! Cowboys suck!) but didn't know if there was a reason behind it other than needing to change. Good luck on the move - it's never fun until it's over!

  3. I completely got rid of my credit cards we now only have one for emergency is because I just cannot be trusted! But huge congrats to you on the goals that you accomplished and it is so hard trying to not eat out when you have other things going on late in the evening isn't it?! I made a meal plan for this week but I feel like we really haven't stuck to it even though we should just because we've been gone so much!

  4. I'm planning nothing else for August because moving is brutal! My finances were crappy in April too, whomp whomp. I need to just go on spending lock down. And eating out lock down, that one is hard for me too.
    Good luck in May!

  5. Moving takes so much energy. Hopefully May gets better but if not just go with where it takes you!

  6. I lighten my load goal-wise in the summer too. It's the smart thing to do!

  7. eating out is so hard for me, especially on late nights when i don't want to cook! good luck with May, sounds like you've got a lot going on!