Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Well Guess What

Pretty much all the internet cared about on Saturday was the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight while I was sitting on my living room floor thinking "I don't give a shit about this all"

On that same topic I got invited to a party to watch the fight...instead I chose to be alone at my house to half ass clean/pack

Every time my neighbors grill I think "damn...maybe I should've tried to be friends with them..."  The food always smells amazing, they play GOOD country music, & nothing beats a charcoal grill

Timing is a bitch

Prom, work, & moving are stressing me the fuck out

Sometimes having faith that everything will work out is hard

And just because those last few were super depressing I'll say it myself...


  1. I'm a huge sports fan, but I'm so with you on the fight. I was sick to death of hearing about it and had ZERO desire to watch it!

  2. I could care less about the fight too. I just checked Twitter for the results. Staying in for the win!

  3. So many people kept trying to talk to me about the fight and it finally got to the point where I just started responding with I do not care about the fight but did you see that the princess had a new baby! That usually shuts them up! LOL

  4. I read prom as porn and well.. that was awkward, lol.