Thursday, February 5, 2015

Before You Start Anything, Learn How To Finish It

Life According to Steph

January's goal topic was "complete."  The idea was to complete goals that you always start but never finish.  My goals for this topic were #3 & #9:

1. No using credit cards except for Dallas
Not sure how to classify this one.  Yes & no?  I didn't use it for Dallas at all.  I used money I actually had for that.  However, I did have to go to the doctor & get meds which I did use my credit card.  I put less on my credit card than I spent in Dallas sooo win?

2. Average 10,000 steps a day
Not even close.  I averaged 4877 a day.

3. #100HappyDays 1-31
If you want to see all of them for the month you can follow me on Instagram @briannemcc #100HappyDays.  Here's some of them though:

4. Read 5 books
1. The Happiness Project
2. American Sniper
3. Mediator
4. Cash

5. Send a card to someone
I had wished Favorite College Roommate happy birthday ON her birthday, multiple ways actually, but had never gotten her a present.  I had meant to give it to her while I was in Minnesota but forgot it on the day we finally hung out so I sent her a card & a gift 5card when I got back to Texas.

6. Save for 52 Week Money Challenge
I put $50 into savings this month for the challenge (weeks 11-14)

7. Write daily in "6 words a day" journal
So my overall goal is to do this every day that I'm 26.  So far so good...I'll never do it again though.  It's easier than trying to do a full blown journal entry but 6 words is also weird...sometimes it's fine but other times it's near impossible to sum up a day in 6 words.

8. Work on 5 goals for 101 in 1001 2.0
a. I made a random recipe
b. I haven't bitten my nails yet but I'm still calling that one a work in progress
c. I finally got myself a library card & actually used it
d. I'm in the process of finishing a coloring book (I may be taking the easy way out & doing a small color by numbers but I'm so anal about coloring & coloring books...)
e. I went to a drive in movie

9. Complete Fab Abs
No.  Just no.  I need to write those things out & have them visible.  Having to look at my phone or online everyday to see what the workout for the day is does not work for me.

10. Cancel gym membership
Yes & no?  I sent in the request for it to be cancelled but apparently my membership got switched to month to month so I had to give them a 30 day notice.

February's topic is "create."  My goals for this topic are:

1. Make 4 new recipes from Pinterest
2. Make 2 DIY projects from Pinterest

My other goals for the month include:
3. No credit card except for San Antonio & Lone Star Jam
4. Average 5,000 steps a day
5. #100HappyDays 32-59
6. Read 4 books
7. Send out my February card
8. Save for 52 Week Challenge
9. Write in 6 word journal every day
10. Work on 5 101 in 1001 2.0 goals
11. Complete 28 day squat challenge


  1. I just started tracking my steps and it's really hard to get the number up! The 10,000 goal (my phone automatically set it for me - thanks, phone) is so far off from where I am - in the low 4,000s. I've decided I don't care about steps as long as I get some form of exercise that day.

    So many goals! I think you did fantastic; even the book one that you crossed off was pretty darn close!

  2. I think you did really well overall!

    I like your goals for February too. I'm excited to see the DIY projects of others because I am so not a DIYer.

  3. i think you did pretty great for your credit card, and your savings! way to go! i cant imagine trying to sum up a day in 10 words let alone 6 lol. good luck with februarys goals!

  4. I think the credit card thing is a wash and yay for savings!!! I need to work on savings so bad!

    I like your goals for February! I am excited to see everyone's DIY stuff! :) Good luck!

  5. Overall you did fab! I count 1 and 10 as wins, definitely. Good luck in February. I can't wait to see what you DIY! And share the recipes if they're easy, I love easy.

  6. I enjoy how many of your goals seem Mindfulness focused--even, to a point, reading The Happiness Project. 100happydays is something I want to try but need to be in the right headspace beforehand (which sounds like it defeats the purpose a wee bit). Good luck this month!

  7. I think you did great. Good luck with February!

  8. I like your goals. I really feel the credit card was a win especially if you purchased less.

  9. I'm not a nail biter except for maybe twice a year when I get SUPER antsy... did it the other day and now my fingers KILL.