Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You're the Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed

I love:

that you make it your mission to solve my problems ranging from a lack of can opener to getting a job to car issues to being happy.

that you think I'm beautiful in sweatpants.

that without me saying a word you do the dishes at my house just because I cooked supper.

that you know when to say something to make me feel better & when to just listen.

that we can talk for hours about anything & everything.

when you lay your head on me.

that you're the closest I feel to home.

that when you ask if I'm ok & we both know I'm not but say yes, you don't press it because you know I'll talk when I'm ready.

that you humor me by enthusiastically taking part in my random requests such as making sure chili cheese dogs are present when we watch The Walking Dead.