Monday, September 22, 2014

A Lazy Productive Weekend

First things first, the school that I work at is currently up for game of the week (aka our football game would be broadcast on a local TV station) so if y'all could click here & vote for Eisenhower vs Nimitz that'd be great!

Friday night my friend & I went to go sit in the park & listen to Cole Swindell, Lee Brice, & Luke Bryan.  I love Lee Brice.  He has a lot of good songs.  However, even though we couldn't actually see the performance, he cannot put on a show.  We could tell from outside he was far too drunk.  He was yelling a lot & just sounded sloppy.  The rest was a lot of fun though.  Afterwards we headed to a bar just to get some calamari before heading home.

I was supposed to donate blood in the morning but I had a decent size hangover so I thought it was best to reschedule.  Once I got myself up I headed to an outlet mall in search of a red dress for a concert next month.  I only tried on 3 & wound up with this gem.  The only other thing I bought was a red bow for my hair.  I was really proud of myself for not going nuts because there were quite a few cute clothes.

I attempted to donate blood but my iron was too low.  I also attempted to eat fast food for the first time in a long time on my way to donate.  Worse it was Jack in the Box.  I have eaten at one of those one time...nearly 3 years ago.  I couldn't even finish it. It was so disgusting.  I got home & did some stuff for work while watching football (sad sad week...) & passing out cold.  When I finally woke up I mowed my lawn.  It felt so good to mow my lawn before my neighbors for once that I had to take a picture.  Normally it's the other way around.  Even better was that a few hours later they mowed theirs for the same reason I always end up mowing makes your yard look extra shitty when it appears your neighbors have got their shit together.



  1. i'm not allowed to donate blood as per doctor's orders! which is too bad because i'm O- blood type (universal blood type) :( i tried once and passed out. my blood pressure is too low to handle blood donation. boo.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. The first, last, and only time I donated blood was in high school and I felt like they were stealing it from me, so I never did it again. I kept calling the machine a vampire and making every one cackle, but really, it was super uncomfortable and the ladies were like, you're almost done, you're almost done! 10 minutes later that thing was still sucking my blood and I felt like my veins were collapsing on themselves. I'm a bad human.. but my dog donates blood, so that makes up for it, right?

  3. oh that sucks about lee brice, that can really ruin a show! i have never donated blood but i want to - one day! that dress is super cute!

  4. Absolutely love the dress that you bought - so pretty!! I actually can't donate blood for that reason, my iron is always too low!

  5. I don't donate blood, I always pass out. I'm not allowed to anymore.

  6. We play that lawn mowing game all the time...but for some reason the guy that mowed the neighbors mowed ours too last time! No idea why...maybe it just looked too bad for him to ignore being a lawn care professional and all....