Monday, June 2, 2014

All I Wanted Was No Plans


**I found out I passed my 4-8 Social Studies content test so I can now teach 4-12**
**I got called for a job interview**
**I looked at a townhome**
**I went to happy hour with some friends**
**Spent hours waiting on AAA to tow the same friends' car**


**I tried to get my oil changed...but there wasn't even a place to park**
**I went to my friends' to print off some application stuff**
**I looked at a house**
**On the way to drop off application stuff for the townhome that I had looked at on Friday I got a flat.  I then spent hours...I literally waited close to 3 hours in total for AAA between them giving the wrong address to the first people, who then brought the wrong tools, & then giving the tow truck guy the wrong address...before FINALLY getting a new tire**


**Cleaned up my apartment a little bit**
**Went to a graduation party for one of my seniors**
**Went to supper with a friend**

I feel like I wasn't home at all this weekend.  One of these days I'll get to sit at home I just don't know when.

Music Monday
Kip Moore - "Dirt Road"


  1. But what a fun weekend! Thanks for dropping by and visiting.

  2. Oh yay townhouse, sounds like fun! AAA is a pain in the ass. We have it but rarely use it because you are totally right - it takes too much damn time!

  3. haha the weekends that i plan on doing nothing are always my busiest. i hate aaa! boo to flats. but yay for townhome!!

  4. Awww bummer about the tire, that's the worst!

    That dinner looks delish!

  5. Wahoo! Congrats on passing your content exam! A couple of people in my program did NOT pass their first time and they were not happy campers, especially because they had to pay all that $$ to take them again!

  6. ugh flat tires are the worst!!! That last pic looks delicious!!!

  7. Ohhhh, flat tires are the worst. And buying tires in general just really stinks.