Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Gonna Put It Out There

**When I saw that Kathy's site was down I got legit depressed**

**After 6 weeks Mr. Fireman & I are apparently sort of speaking again...**

**There is a strong possibility that I made out with like 5 or 6 guys in Austin*

**I went out on my first date post-Mr. Fireman & I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the guy**

**I love when people come to visit me but I'm beyond ready for alone time**

**This week is flying by so fast! I only have 32 more days of work**

**I put this together last minute because I thought Kathy was gone & there would be no humpday**


  1. hahahahaha i love this post. all of it. sorry for the whole blog thing - typepad got attacked by some stupid virus and they shut their servers down to fix it. service was unstable and my blog was up and then down and it was hella frustrating so i asked steph to (co)host the linkup in case typepad is a whore again.

    but thanks for linking up!! and if you made out with other guys in austin? oh well :) at least you had fun amirite????

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Talking again? Good luck with whatever happens. Be true to you!

  3. lol i felt the same way when I couldn't get on Kathy's blog lol. yay for making out with tons of guys, whatever! ;)

  4. I was bummed that Kathy was down too... I felt scared and sad for a moment... hahaha.

  5. Oooo I'm pretty sure I'm late in the game regarding Mr. Fireman...assuming he was a bad break-up?? Tread carefully girl! And made out with five or six guys in Austin??? Wowza!!!! Sounds like you had a good time there haha.

  6. I miss making out with random dudes!! Damn kids and husband!! Live it up girl!! YOLO!

  7. I was the same way about putting together a post last night! I wasn't sure if we would have the link up and I was being lazy :) One of our friends is a Paramedic and he always says NEVER to date firemen :)

  8. I feel the same way about my alone time, especially after a bunch of people were here!

  9. The best way to get over something is to not give a fuck! And every once in a while you need to slut it up a little. Oh, how I miss being young and single!

  10. sounds like you had fun in austin *wink wink* don't worry about it - as many have pointed out, yolo! ;)