Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Texas: A Place That Will Get In Your Blood & Stay Forever

T is for Texas

I have my own Texas Bucket List that was a combo of things ... most that came from a song ... but here are 39 Things You Should Do Before You Die

1. Visit the Texas State Fair

October 2012 - Big Tex burned down the day before we went...go figure

2. Visit a real Texas Rodeo

Houston Rodeo March 2014

3. Drink in the Bluebonnets
4. Jump into a swimming hole in Central Texas.
5. Head to Padre Island
Spring Break March 2013

6. Attempt to ride the Hotter'N Hell Hundred
7. Go deer hunting
8. Camp out with wild and exotic animals
9. Go eat some Tex-Mex
10. Go to church
11. Visit the Texas Capitol
12. Canoe or boat through cypress trees
13. Admire the roses in Tyler
14. Head to Gruene Hall
15. Attend a taping of "Austin City Limits"
16. Catch the battle of the bands at the Texas State Fair
17. Museums
At the Titanic Exhibit @ the Houston Museum of Natural Science April 2012

18. Visit Scenic Drive
19. Tour President Lyndon Johnson's ranch
20. Tour Texas' presidential libraries
21. Holy smokes batman!
22. Visit the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown
23. Explore Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site in El Paso
24. Catch a Friday night high school football game
September 2013

25. Make an appointment to see The Hill
26. Check out the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders' locker room
27. Watch Intocable in concert
28. Find some peace at a Buddhist temple
29. Visit a charming small town with a quaint downtown square
I'm lucky enough to live in one of these towns. November 2013

30. Head out to Marfa
31. See the spectacular July 4 fireworks show in Addison
32. Slide down Flagpole Hill
33. Spend an afternoon at Klyde Warren Park
34. Spend the day at the Stockyards 
October 2012

35. On your road trip stop at Buc-cee's
Everytime I go by a Bucees I stop.  I love that place.  October 2012

36. Visit the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville
37. Stroll along the San Antonio Riverwalk
April 2014

38. Stop in Amarillo and look at the Cadillac Ranch
Spring Break road trip - March 2011

39. Consume some Texas-centric foods
Enjoying a Shiner at an outdoor concert September 2012

**& then they added more**
40. Join a stargazing party at the McDonald Observatory
41. Visit Palo Duro Canyon
Spring Break road trip - March 2011

42. Visit one of Texas' national parks
43. Venture to Southfork
44. Space Center Houston
March 2013

45. Stuff yourself silly with Texas barbeque
Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew Austin, TX - April 2014

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  1. There are so many things on this list that I have never done and take for granted since I've lived here all my life. I have never been to NASA! Which is crazy to any tourist I talk to but normal to a lot of people who live here. And I love Buc-ee's. I wish they had dressing rooms, though. I found a shirt I wanted but I couldn't tell how it was going to fit so I didn't get it and I'm still thinking about it!