Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hump Day

**I love this commercial & could watch it over & over.**

**I set up another lady dr. appointment for next week & I'm honestly scared to go**

**The external speaker on my phone hasn't been working for days but I'm trying to figure out ways to fix it without having to replace it becasue there are certain things on there that will disappear that I'm not ready to part with**

**The countdown to WeFest started last week...exactly 17 weeks & counting**

**I hate Chick Fil A**

**I miss sex...**


  1. i'll be honest: i have never eaten or even know what they serve at chick fil a. i assume chicken, right??

    thanks for linking up!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I don't like Chick fil a either!! I hope you get laid soon!!

  3. I've never even had Chick Fil A....I mean...their name is even more annoying to type out. And UGH I'm sorry about the lady doctor appt. :( Those are NEVER fun...reward yourself afterward with one of your fav things. That's what I do haha.

  4. Lol I could def. relate to the last one for sure.. wayy to busy lol! ;)


  5. I've never had Chick Fil A. They don't have them by us!