Monday, March 31, 2014

Job Fair Round 2

The only part about Friday that matters is the part where I started having a mini panic attack at a middle of nowhere gas station because I was afraid the possibility of rape & murder were real.  I headed back to Dallas once again for an interview.  An hour south of Dallas Mr. Hipster & I had to go to the bathroom and after driving for awhile I finally saw a gas station so I pulled in.  Right away the first thing out of my mouth was "This is where people go to get murdered" Sort of as a joke...but it was sketchy...I didn't realize just how sketchy until I got to the bathroom.  Let me describe the whole place to you (remember it's night time so it's dark as shit)

There are bars on the windows & doors, it's a truck stop so there were semis further out in the parking lot, there was a sketchy ass motel above the gas station, there was a single car at the gas pump & you could tell it had been there for a long ass was dusty...& there was a semi creepy man behind the counter, who according to Mr. Hipster was hard core looking at my ass when I walked by.  All of that is creepy enough & yet not panic attack inducing.  So he goes into the men's bathroom (which was apparently also kinda sketch but not near as bad as the women's) & I went into the women's.  There were 2 toilets...not 2 stalls...2 toilets. (Turns out you can see pictures & read some FourSquare reviews here)  The one on the left side was the one I was originally going to use the left one until I noticed it was filled with toilet paper so I went to the right.  I not so immediately noticed that there was a door INSIDE the mother fucking bathroom, that led to God knows where, with a missing handle & nothing but a black hole where the handle should be.  Then, I'm already going & notice there's no toilet paper next to me so I have to reach across the entire bathroom to get to it...all I can think the entire time is..."there's either some camera or some pervert behind that door!  I am going to die.  I am literally going to get raped & murdered in this gas station!"  I struggled to get my pants up, belt looped & buckled, & wash my hands to get out of there.  I dropped my keys a few times in there I was so freaked out.  I feel like had Mr. Hipster not been with chances of being raped and/or murdered would have significantly increased...

Clearly I'm alive...the rest of the night was fairly uneventful except for the dick pics & videos I woke up to from a drunk friend (I didn't even know dick videos were a thing?!)  No I didn't watch them & yes things are now weird...thank God he lives in Colorado & I live in Texas... He was drunk & also confessing all this shit about his feelings & missed opportunties... He has a gf btw...(actually it's possible I've blogged about him? I don't feel like digging through my archives sorry... I was curious & looked...back in the almost beginning of my blog I talked about him here. Side note I totally picked the GA gif below way before I read the old post which actually includes the same quote... )  His current gf is the same one that I talked about in that post, that trip was the last time I saw him although we have kept touch over the years, & I most definitely do not have any type of feelings whatsoever for him anymore...

I had yet another job fair interview.  This one was much shorter than the last one.  Instead of 2 rounds there was only 1 & it only consisted of 4 questions so I'm not entirely sure how it went.  I didn't walk out of there feeling like it went shitty & I wasn't nervous but I also didn't walk out of there thinking HECK YES I GOT THIS!  We shall see...

When I got home I just relaxed for the rest of the day.  I talked to ?Kickass Cousin for like 3 hours on the phone into the wee hours of the night which totally made my day/night better.  I rented Kings of Summer & About Time.  I bawled my eyes out for pretty much the last 15 minutes of About Time.  Like loud, ugly bawling...I'm sure my neighbors love me... plus I had randomly gotten all sad about Mr. Fireman which I haven't been pretty much since it all went down. 

I was supposed to go to a German Heritage festival in my town with some people but they decided to go to a different festival in a different town so I decided to stay home.  Partly due to the fact that getting out of my town is a struggle becasue of our festival.  Partly due to the fact that I'm kinda broke right now.  Partly due to the fact that something is possibly up with my car so I'm trying to drive it as little as possible until I can get it in.  So instead, I talked to both of my parents on the phone for awhile, talked to Kickass Cousin again, & then just relaxed in bed watching TV & movies (TWD & HP marathon anyone?!)  


  1. My damn satellite dish has decided to go out on certain channels and one of those is ABC family so I missed the HP marathon. I was home by myself all day Saturday, too, so I was bummed. That gas station sounds freaky and disgusting. Glad you had someone with you and ended up okay!

  2. Bahahahahahha... ewwwwwww @ dick videos!!!!!!!!!! *dry heave*