Friday, February 21, 2014

On The Road Again

1. Even though everyone else had to work on Monday to make up a snow day I had the day off because my parents were still in town.
2. I got some really pretty new boots on Monday (see Friday Five #5) 
3. I got to see Mr. Fireman after a week apart (yeah yeah boo hoo poor me...I'd gotten used to more frequently) we caught up on TWD, watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad & he grilled steaks while I made baked potatoes.  Basically my kind of night.
4. I got a deal on the steaks I bought so I made the 3rd steak Tuesday night in the oven...can't complain about steak & beer 2 nights in a row!
5. I finally went to a Varsity Boys' Soccer game on Wednesday night! (Last year I was at every home game & even some away...)
6. The Hipster Couple & I went out for supper before said game & it was good to hang out with them.
7. I had my 45 minute teaching observation.
8. Districts are actually starting to post positions for next year so I now have my application in at a half dozen different districts that aren't just "candidate pools"
9. The weather has been SO nice this week!
10. Despite having a really long & stressful day Mr. Fireman still made sure to text me before he passed out to ask how kickball had gone the night before (except I didn't go...see crappy #1) & how my day had been.
11. I'm on my way to San Antonio today!

1. I joined a kickball league & the first game was Tuesday (which is not the crappy part YAY for kickball!) but I didn't go because I'm old responsible.  The game started at 9:15 meaning I wouldn't get home until after 11 on a work night.
2. After obsessively trying to win rodeo BBQ cook off tickets for a couple of weeks they are no longer giving them away...they have moved on to rodeo tickets which can be bought (cook off tickets cannot...well they can but they won't actually get you into a tent so basically you pay to walk around & watch everyone else have a good time...)
3. I'm so ready for February to end already.  I've had some exciting things happen this month & I'm grateful for getting to spend time with friends & family & so some travelling but this whole Mr. Fireman having less than a half dozen days off this month & us having such opposite schedules I'm ready for it to end (hopefully March doesn't bring more of the same...) Not so excited to have to wait another week to see him again.
4. Due to allergies I had an insane headache all day Tuesday & even woke up with it still on Wednesday.
5. I had my 45 minute teaching observation.
6. I had to be at work until 7:30 on Thursday for conferences that next to no parents show up for...ever.
7. I had paid $10 for a lunch from a student organization on Thursday which I never got...& then trying to get supper before conferences (see crappy #6) was an ordeal in itself.  Mr. Hipster & I had to wait 30 min to even leave, & then sat in traffic for 20-30 minutes only to find out the power was out for the entire plaza where we were planning to eat, so we headed to BK who didn't have working debit card machines, & wound up at McDs...basically we spent 1.5 hours driving around trying to get food only to wind up eating 5 minutes from where the school is...

Friday Five
...Sometimes I think I should do crappies & then happies so as to end on a positive note but then I remember I'm far too anal to go against the title... anyway I'm headed to San Antonio today after work so here are 5 things I'm excited for in San Antonio:

1. Seeing Billy Currington at the San Antonio Rodeo

2. Getting to drive 3 hours by myself in the car (yes I'm weird...being alone in the car on the road is one of my favorite things.)

3. Getting to see my friend Robyn (I haven't seen her in like 6 months!)
(heading to the SA Rodeo last year)

4. Getting out of Houston 2 weekends in a row.

5. Getting to wear my new boots out & about.

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  1. I like being alone in my car too!

    MFD and I are often on opposite schedules. It takes getting used to for sure.

    Have a great weekend!